M203 Diary

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Dance Recruitment Drive (31st March 2004)
ah well, type later when i get to recollect things...


Sunday, March 28, 2004

Commenting system, Tagboard, Template

I know I'm supposed to get the template and all done.. like long time ago. Sorry about it. Promise it'll be up after Summative I.. OK? And, Ken Rhee, I don't think I want to use the tree template already. I'll use something simpler, hope you don't mind. :P I'll use very neutral colours like grey, black, blue... aiya, will think of something lah.

Should I put up a tagboard and a commenting system as well?


Saturday, March 27, 2004

Immunology, Pathology, Microbiology... and more to come

With so many new things in semester 2, how are we going to manage? Or am I the only one struggling??? Sigh. The current workload is more than twice of that in semester 1. Argh. Learning totally new things everyday. Doesn't help when my brain doesn't function at 8 in the morning too! Grrr...


Tuesday, March 23, 2004

23th March 2004, Tuesday (KrazyKreaturez's Journal)

Nah, should not give the boring start of the day stuff, I just lead a typical Ken Rhee life... Woke up late though...

Boring day as usual, helped put up my beautiful banner, heh heh...

At night, I am in the library wearing nothing but sandals, bermuda shorts and a t-shirt.. of course the underwear... and imu tag... I thought they stricten up the rules? HAHA, the Krazy Kreature strikes again...


Monday, March 22, 2004

22th March 2004, Monday (KrazyKreaturez's Journal)

Another weekend over, another painful time to get up early and go to 8am lectures... boring lectures, fell asleep twice... dashed to have my breakfast/lunch, dashed to the computer lab to print my elective report, dashed back to PBL room. PBL was a more fun one today, more joking around. I like this PBL group. This is a new atmosphere I think I would enjoy, and would miss it once it's gone...

I rush back to my apartment to look after it as the workers were finally finishing Kenneth's room. They were done at about 1600hrs and I waited for Choon Keong and Yick Yeong to come back. As soon as they were back, I rushed back to school...

Dance practice was boring!!! I'm sorry that I came late, but I don't think it would make a difference if I came earlier. I danced twice or two and a half times, and slacked most of the time. Before I knew it, it was time to go. Then, I head to the library to do some research... BORING


Friday, March 19, 2004

19th March 2004, Friday (KrazyKreaturez's Journal)

Well, today is a short day, right? WRONG. I woke up the normal time and ironed out my labcoat. What they said yesterday was that our labcoats were supposed to be well pressed so I took extra effort to actually iron out all the creases. I noted that it's harder to iron the labcoat as it is l-o-n-g-e-r than the normal shirts that I have and have to move the labcoat accordingly on the ironing board and waste precious time... Anyway, I got to uni still on time.

The banner was missing, slight panic. Calmed down later when Yee Neng told me where it was... dang all my hard work. And to think just the night before, Nam Fei was telling me that we were supposed to send the design to the SAD for approval before starting on it. ALL MY HARD WORK!!! oh, well, it's all done and over with.

Lecturer was Dr. Thani, counted 61 "as such" and I think I am getting bored with it. I need to get some concentration done. After that, we had Q&A, and Dr. Vishna came in to tell us more stories! Dr. Thani also voiced out his opinion about Q&A sessions and wasted quite a lot of precious time...

I dashed to the computer lab to get my report done. I tried so hard to concentrate, but I only manage to finish typing my section and still have the editting to do. oh bother bother. I couldn't print them out to be binded and I still needed the cover. I overshot my time and went for the later lab session instead of my scheduled one. It wasn't as bad, attendance was taken, but I couldn't sign my name as my name WASN'T there!!! I had to explain myself to Dr. Thani and he ask me to see the office to get my name signed. All is well, and I could even signed for Steven. I hope it gets cleared. Back to the Lab. Dr. Thani did mostly talking and showing some pictures that only the eyes of a pathologist would understand. Okay, I see some red dots there, lighter than the rest... oh, what are they called? Red blood cells, you say? wow, better write that down... and what about that yellow coloured thing? Air spaces! Excellent! *scribble, scribble* And all the black dots? oh, some are lymphocytes and the others are nucleus of other cells... I don't see a difference...

When it ended, I went to collect my new glasses. I still cannot find my old one. And I beg to anyone who has any idea on where it is PLEASE return them to me... I bought one that looked as close as possible to my old ones. It has a tight fitting and I had slight dizziness... oh well, I have to get used to them.

Later, I went to the pasar malam to buy vcd's, dinner, breakfast, and some fruits for desert. They had a raid and I had to wait til the DBKL people leave the area so that the stalls will open up again. It really looked cool to a certain extent when the vendors all have earphones in their ears and standing there trying to look cool. weird, but cool.


Thursday, March 18, 2004

18th March 2004, Thrusday (KrazyKreaturez's Journal)

Today is a busy day, as was yesterday. And the day before, now thtat I think of it... Anyway, today was a busy day. I started out earlier, as I did yesterday, at about 0645hrs. I ironed my shirt and washed up. I rushed to the auditorium and found the audi EMPTY!!! Rare occasion in the wee hour of the day (0715hrs), but there are people there. Only recognised Victor, Renuka...

Anyway, I set out to do what I came for, I laid the white 6mx4m cloth and brought out my chalks. Okay, how do I start? I mean, all I had was an idea in my head and a rough black and white sketch. But I carry on anyway, hoping my imagination will be as good as I hope it will be. I drew the hourglass. Darn, i finish my 2 inch chalk. At this rate, I'm screwed... I ran out of chalk. By the time I decided to stop drawing, the Audi was half full.. half empty, depending on which side you are talking about. Oh well, I shall get on with it another time.

Lecture starts and again, I find myself counting the number of 'as such' again. 62 this time, but I am a bit confused about the exact number as whenever my mind wonders off for a while, I don't listen to him. This isn't a good sign as I don't get the information being presented, but I hope that I can cover it later in life, before Summ1. Next was Dr. Vishna and her carefree lecture on B-lymphocytes and antibodies. I almost got what she was saying this time... And she ended her lecture with a story of her being scared of animals. Cruelty to animals, but we can't avoid it. I mean I LOVE animals, but I know how important it is for the researchers to use them. Research on animals is important and 'better' than using acutal humans, but not many people seem to realise this. All they can see is "Oh, poor animals..." "They were so kewt..."

Then was PBL. I don't know how effective having PBL's are though. I used to be from a group that gives out handout so that we don't really need to copy anything. But this time, the material is voluntarily given out. I decided not to give any out this time as there isn't much to say and I'm not really sure on what it is. Adding to the fact that I have been busy this WHOLE week, I don't have time to actually research thoroughly... Anyway, I thought it was quite good and the rest were as good and boring...

After PBL, at 1300hrs I had a meeting with the Dance Club Committee. They basically want us to perform some dances for the recruitment drive, as with last sem. I get to dance in at least 2 of them. oh wow, oh joy... And I finally get to see the committee for this sem. The tall Pharmacy girl is actually the VP... odd... but oh well...

Later at 1400hrs, CSU!!! Yeah, session was scary, not knowing what to expect and fearing the worst. It turned out quite well, and I guess anything always can be better. I forgot to bring my tape, so I forced Steven to be the Doctor this time. As we waited for our turn, we went through the question and I don't know why, though I feel more insecure, I seem to know what to do, more than he did, but he did an okay job though. I'm getting too big a nose now... Later at the debriefing, my nose shrinks smaller... I feel so unknowledgable. And I seem to know nothing at all, except what other students told me before this.

When everything was done, I got onto doing the banner paint job. I did most of the hourglass as only I knew of what I wanted. DUH The rest helped out and I really thank them. Especially the 'moral support' I needed... The banner would be up soon, and I am proud to have left a legacy.. heh heh heh...


Here After CSU

Ok, I'm in the forth group doing CSU so the majority of our batch will most probably have done it before me. Hands up, those who managed to answer half of the questions!!! 'cos er... yours truly can't even answer a third. Doesn't matter who did the interview, 'cos I don't think I would have asked even a quarter of the questions had I been the interviewer. Hrmph. How do people actually REMEMBER what to ask??? *grumblez*


Friday, March 12, 2004

12th March 2004, Friday (KrazyKreaturez's Journal)

Argh.. things can't get any worse... What a day to fall sick. Yesterday, I woke up from a nap felling really really nasty and my throat was dry and painful. Liquid oozing out of my nose and slightly blurred vision. A little difficulty in breathing and slight cough. Anybody care to make a diagnose??

Today I feel slightly better, but it is just a relative term. I went to lecture and I realised something... It's hard to concentrate during lectures if there is a dozen things going in your head: Problems with ex, Lecture to understand, Posters and Banners to think of, Video advert to make, Stupid flu, don't want to infect others, Counting the number of "as such" (which totals to 71 this time), Where are my darn glasses, I can't see much without them! Am I fat? Does this windbreaker make me look fat?, new club Elena wants to start, does thinking this much make me look stressed and making my illness worse?

Anyway, getting e-mail from Celia again. I hope i can come up with the list soon so that I will finally get to see my cards... gosh, does Goldberry look nice... haha Radagast looks horried!!!

Yeah, I also went to see the doctor this morning. Wonderful chap. Basically went through all the chit chat, history taking, basic stuff. Cost me RM12 for Vit-C, runny nose pills, Lozenges and cough syrup. I gotta find out the medic names for them now.. haha...

Went back with a feeling of not doing anything at all. I felt so bad... Dance class was later, but I really didn't feel like doing anything because there will only be the three of us going. To make matters worse I felt a ping of unfairness at work with the politics of IMU... sigh...

I conclude by saying there is never a day where all good things happen, but there are days where all bad things will happen. of course there is also a dose of good things happening in midst of bad things... And to safely say that I enjoyed the day, the little quantity of good must override the quality of the numerous bad things that happen.


Thursday, March 11, 2004

11th March 2004, Thursday (KrazyKreaturez's Journal)

Woke up today with a very painful sms and a beautiful call... I can't have the best always right? Which gets me thinking...
Hope brings Anxiety, Anxiety brings Fear, Fear bring Anger, Anger brings Hatred, Hatred brings Suffering... -Cronos, Final Fantasy IX

Today was the food fair and auctions... without realising it, I spent RM10.70 for lunch today... And if I add that to the RM27 I spent on Dome, I don't think I will be able to survice the month... AND I forgot to mention the DVD set and the Medical book I'll be buying... I'M BROKE!!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

10th March 2004, Wednesday (KrazyKreaturez's Journal)

Just another day, nothing interesting happening...

Went to lecture, heard that Thani's usage of "as such" was irritating, thus I decided to count the number of times he used it. I conclude with the statement, Dr Thani uses the phrase "as such" 62 times during his lecture, thus his average is 1 every minute. I have to conduct further experiments to justify my findings...

I dozed off a little during Dr. Ammu's lecture, listening to her repeat most of the stuff and saying I will cover this in another lecture makes me so sleepy...

Polls are up for IMCC's for the food fair coming up. Cheng Hong is the highest with 6 votes, followed by Jody, Aravin and Adrian with 1 vote each.

Had Moral studies later at 2pm. I haven't been in one since... since... since form 3!!! oh well... I was elected again as the leader and I am beginning to be sick of being elected for these petty things... I mean I don't feel like a leader coz they bullied me into becoming one, meaning that I am not actually good at it, just that I am a candidate to be bullied.

Elena started a Middle-Earth-Wannabe planet for the Batch. Thinking of names to put in, some interesting, mostly plain like Human and Elves... I gave her a list I made from Neverwinter Nights and Star Wars... No use though.

Last event for the day, I was locked in the PBL room!!! What an experience!!


Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Wow, is this blog dead or what!!! Haha, just joking.
First time here
and reporting from the International Medical University's Library.
Lecture started at 8.00am. Real stupid time. Couldn't wake up and was slightly late. Missed nothing tho.

First lecturer, a real bore. Dr. Thani, i think. Lectured on pathology. Wow, i remembered, surprising.

Sheena's announcement. Didnot hear much. Just about a lot of books and she begged to be overthrown.

Second lecturer, another bore. Yay!! First notes of the semester *roll eyes* Dr. Ammu. Immulogy, having the notes beside me, but lazy to check it out.

Right after lecture: a mini yoga class at the dance room with Guru Gowri. Defending champions of the legs over head post are Jody Goh and Aravindra. Check out the cool dance move by TJ. This is a future cheerleader in making. Learnt waltz.

For lunch. Went to DOME. A word of advice, "Never go to DOME Subang Parade. Better still, don't go to DOME!" Spent bout a freaking RM25 on lunch!! Waitress a bit stupid, served wrong food and charged for an extra dish. List of ppl went: Sid, Shal S, Shal K, Gowri, Ai Ling, Aravind, Rassam, Ken Rhee, Evelyn, Grace, Elena, Richard, Jody. Total spent: RM 250 sth.

Went Taylors. Saw old teachers. Went to get ALevels certs and Moral transcripts.
Came back to IMU. Did PBL. I did my PBL, wow, what a miracle.

That's all for today's news. Forecast for tomorrow.

Another boring day. Large group of ppl have to take Moral Studies. HAHAHA, Sheena, Evelyn, Yean Koon, Ken Rhee!!!MWAHAHA


9th March 2004, Tuesday (KrazyKreaturez's Journal)

I am 21 years old and 1 week. Nothing new... Wondering what to write today...

Orientation is finally over! No more belated birthday wishes and presents... I still have the wasabi marks on my neck and face. I wonder when it will ever subside. Orientation clothes still unwashed, going to wash it later tonight.
Monday: Icebreakers; marriage wasn't as good as mine. sweet smelling bombs from above. Eggs and flour and margerine bombardments. Not as fun as our orientation, but still had fun. Of course we weren't that the recieving end, so I wouldn't know, right? haha
Tuesday: Nothing happening today. Just my birthday.
Wednesday: Treasure Hunt; wider coverage of stations, from Family Park to Vista A to the hill at Vista C. As dirty, maybe more. I wouldn't know. My balls hurt so much, and the fact that the group behind us kept screaming, "I want balls, grab some balls; everybody gonna lose their balls..." Ouch... Anyway, end up doing really badly with low marks and low moral...
Thursday: Nothing happening again. Just practising for Variety Night. Brandon went shopping for clothes, quite funny...
Friday: Variety Night!!! performances sucked big time and the IMCC's were not as good as I hoped. Anyway, didn't catch much sleep at night. Played FFX!
Saturday: Telematch. Not that bad a turn out for my group. 11 out of the 15. Other groups had less and Audrey had only 2! Later that night was BBQ night. Soo Ni scared the whole group and they all left after they eaten and didn't stay for the drinking... Went Mamak at night...

Woke up late, iron clothes messily... But still managed to get to Lecture on time. It seems strange that only half the Audi was full for no reason. Is it because the Audi has a greater capacity or that less people are attending the lecture? Anyway, Sheena was wearing almost the same colour code as I did... Freaky....

The first lecture was quite boring, as it was mostly introduction and nothing important (I think). But I managed to stay awake and when I looked behind me, I noticed that about a third of the class were sleeping too!! haha. The second lecture was better. Notice the word, BETTER meaning not necessary good. I didn't fall asleep again! I'm so proud of myself!!!

After lecture, we went to Dome for lunch... Worse idea we ever had. I rather have stayed in Uni to do my PBL and research for elective. And also blog and Utopia... cost me RM27 and I will never ever go to Dome ever again unless I am fully treated or at least a 50% discount. Gowri owes big time... Nevertheless, I had a great time with them. MPH doesn't have books that I want, but almost tempted to buy Jurassic Park and Lost World for less then RM25...

Tried to study again, but can't. No materials... Now going back to sleep...


Friday, March 05, 2004

And school's starting...

I'll most prob be saying the same thing on my own blog. We gonna embark on our lives as semester 2 students come Monday, 8th March 2004 at 8 am!!!

The key thing here is *points* the little part in BOLD EIGHT in the MORNING, ladies and gentlemen. EIGHT!!! That means, those lucky ones among us living in Vista B, have to get up by 7.30am, and those others living in Vista A & C, I don't know. Those living elsewhere and have to beat to jam to get here, well, CONGRATULATIONS, my friends.

Hmm... but we're luckier than the sem3s, I guess. They are having afternoon lectures.. Awww..... Heehee.


Tuesday, March 02, 2004

2nd March 2004, Monday (KrazyKreaturez's Journal)

I guess that it is my birthday today... It started out rather well i guess. The order in which people wished me is confusing.. If I consider the time exactly, then Evelyn will be the first to have wished me... Richard and Grace next... Shi Ching somewhere along the line, and Vasan's sms, I can't really remember when did Sheena and Yean Koon wished me... oh well, the calls stopped at about 1pm and I finally get to have some sleep...

I woke up early the next day and walked back to Vasan's apartment. It is quite a blur from then on, as people were wishing me and torturing me...

I was feeling depressed in the afternoon, as I didn't know what is going on and where they were planning to take me... I waited and recieved calls from Evelyn and Shi Ching trying to decide where on Earth they were going to take me. And I was getting scared that they were going to pull it off... What a day... So I decided to shut myself off from the world as planned and done the previous year and went to sleep.

It was a peaceful half an hour before I had to start doing things again. I had to move my things to my new apartment and I was all alone. I wasn't happy that I was alone, but I was glad that I had time for myself.

Then I got changed and headed to school. I wondered whether Sheena would come to this little gathering of mine... I knew she wouldn't come, given our history... But, yeah, she did come with us. Though most of the time, she wasn't really speaking to me... oh well...

First stop, Swensons. Ate two ice-cream all by myself... lime flavoured... interesting... ate 4 cherries and only one stalk I managed to tie a knot in... Ah, then I played with dry ice... cool, but dangerous. hihi...

Next, we went to somewhere near Taylors to have our dinner.. strangely after two bowls of ice-cream, I still could still eat a beef steak... or what looked like a beef steak... haha. Nice, but not really worth my RM10... oh well... While eating this meal, we played scrabble. Wonderful game which my mother insisted so much on playing to improve our English and skills the like. Evelyn paired up with Jody, Elena and I were helped by our score keeper, Grace. Oh yeah, since it was my birthday, i guessed that they would let me win... I breached the 200points barrier and I am so proud of myself... not really, but given the fact that I was under pressure and such a great amount of hurt and insecurity... ah well...

After dinner, we went back to Grace's place to eat my cake... well, Evelyn's cake actually.. and they sang 'Can't take my eyes off you'... nice, love it. The day got better and better but I was glad it was over...

Presents that I got: Kisses from my group members (I apologise to those who would be jealous...), In Motion (?) perfume from the bestest group of friends that I could ever wished for, Box of chocolates from Ai Lee, Chocolates from my granddaugther, BEAUTIFUL animal stamps from Sheena, icecream from Siaw...


Happy B'day...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Ken Rhee,
Happy birthday to you.

Happy 21st B'day Ken Rhee!!!

Did you get your fair share of ragging??? No ahz? Ok, maybe we'll right that during telematch. Belated b'day celebrations.