M203 Diary

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

This Is For The Girl Who Hates To Cry

It’s been awhile. You’ll notice that I’ve not posted anything in like ages. Well actually, a month. This usually happens when I’m depressed, dead, or having an exam. I’m quite obviously still alive and kicking now (I scored in the 8-1 mauling of Sem 1!). There were exams: I had MSK. I was depressed for the next week or so. And after that, I was busy with IMU cup stuff. Or lazy. I forget. Whatever it was, it completely justifies my weaseling out of the zero-dollar verbal contract that ties me down for an indefinite period of time.

But here I am, back again. In the midst of CNS, which has gone into its third week now. Still feels like it just started though. There’s a lot to know about this system. For example, I’ve so far learned that tendon hammers are:

1) Light
2) Used to elicit tendon reflexes
3) Not meant to be thrown at the ceiling
4) Not meant to be struck at tuning forks

This one day, I pick up little fakdup girl’s newly purchased tendon hammer to admire the purple cover. She was already pissed because someone had stolen the tendon hammer YP had lent her. In a mock attempt to steal it away from her, I make for the escalator. She spots me and demands that I return it. She was at least 15 feet away. I tossed it hard towards her.

Guess what I did wrong.




__ -----------

(Sagittal Section)

The very next day, I notice ol’ Rich with a similar purple cover tendon hammer on his table.

HP : You what?
kenJ: What, you don’t believe me?
Rich: How?

(This was partly my fault, since I thought it was an isolated defect that resulted in the first incident)

2 tendon hammers in 2 days! Never knew myself to have such a destructive nature. I would’ve been a combined RM60 poorer if not for the fact that they managed to get it replaced. Also, you know you’re in trouble when you’re in the third week of CNS and all you can rant about are fragile tendon hammers. Btw, the tuning fork thingy isn't my story to tell. All I can say about that is the before/after picture probably also looks the same way.

On a brighter note, I’ve aided in the acquisition of 13 IMU cup points. I’m so proud of myself.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005


The flooble board has disappeared for quite some time now, so I thought it was time to put up a new one. *points* This one is from tag-board.com. I haven't been using tagboards since I changed blog engine some time ago so I don't know how stable tag-board.com is nowadays. I've also re-aligned the jokes section.

I've been thinking...

Of switching M203 over to Wordpress where you can have different plugins and stuff. Another reason is that blogger and google used to be super-duper stable and recently, they have been clocking downtimes. I don't mind paying for the domain name and hosting, since cost is actually minimal. The use of Wordpress to blog is just as idiot-proof as Blogger, so for those people who are worried about not knowing how to use WP, there's actually no difference. So the question is, are there any violent objections if we switch over?


Tuesday, September 13, 2005


A place PACKED with 500 people watching, of all things, a PHYSIOLOGY QUIZ. On a WEEKEND.

Last Saturday, teams IMU A, IMU B and their loyal supporters made a trip to UM's Dewan Kenanga to see them compete in UM's 3rd inter-varsity Physiology Quiz. IMU A beat UNIMAS in their 1st round, while IMU B beat UMS in their 1st round. In fact, we thought that IMU could've sent team C - made up of the aforesaid loyal supporters - who might have been able to take on UMS, and some of the other teams, too, preparation or no preparation.

The 1st round saw most of the public universities getting knocked out by the private universities. IIU put up a truly miserable showing against NUS, UMS & UNIMAS from Sabah & Sarawak had their quiz trip cut short by two IMU teams, UKM also put up a sad showing, though not as sad as IIU's, against another private university... Come to think of it, the only public university which succeeded to the 2nd round was UM, and even that was because it was up against USM in the 1st round.

There're many theories which we can use to explain this phenomenon. Either a) despite IMU's many failings, it really isn't as bad as we think, or b) doing medicine in most public universities isn't as tough as we think,, or c) physiology isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Or d) all of the above, or e) none of the above.

Rhetoric aside, IMU A & IMU B put up a good fight in round 2, particularly IMU A, who really gave UM a run for their money. UM supporters were so freaking scared! Imagine losing to not just a newcomer to the Physiology quiz, but also to a university at least 50 years younger. BUT, in the end, UM made it to the finals to beat NUS, retaining the Prof. Raman Cup for their 3rd consecutive year. At least, it didn't cross the Causeway.

On the whole, it's good to know that IMU's physiology syllabus is relatively complete - then again, it wasn't a pharmacology quiz - and that the seemingly big names in medicine courses here, ie. UM & NUS, can, in Ken Lin's words, "be made to look human."

NUS fumbled on reactive hyperemia, when IMU students knew what it was. Kudos to Dr. Sue Chen!

After Saturday, there was our boys' football match against Semester 1 on Sunday morning. 8-1 is a good start to this year's IMU Cup.
But, my hyperextended pinky isn't... I hope the swelling, bruising & pain disappear before IMU Cup girls' futsal next Thursday.

*As a final note, this post is for MICHELLE LIEW, one of the few readers of this blog - how many was it, KenJ? 10? - and who celebrated her 22nd birthday 9/11. And in her honour, I dedicate this quote:

"MC? For a pinky?"
- Jeremy, 6:34pm.

Happy birthay, Mich!