M203 Diary

Friday, July 21, 2006

A tribute to the 'Come on Over, Babes', aka. 1st runner-up, Carpe Momento 2003.

I happened to catch Christina Aguilera's "Ain't no other man" music video on TV earlier, and fell in love at first sight. I LOVED the fifties theme, the trombones, her voice, and most of all, I LOVED the cheeky moves.

You know, the way everything snaps in place, at the right time, on the right beat.

And, I loved the way this music video, by this singer, reminded me of dancing in IMU.

Yi Wei & Yen Shi, I loved your choreography.
Girls, I loved your company.
Thank you for making me a part of the fun.


Friday, July 14, 2006

Welcome back to KL, KenJ!

Now that the pleasantries are done with, moving on to the real subject of this post: San San. Or rather, an MSN conversation I had with her.

3SANdy hi sheena
Sheena Harlow. I'm actually on my break at San Francisco.
3SANdy i feel so happy today. i went to the peas ward in banting hosp. i asnwer a question that a 5th year medical student from UM cant answer
Sheena WAH. Not bad, what was the question?
3SANdy if a neonate has kernisterus, which type of cerebral palsy will the neonate have usually?
3SANdy n the specialist told the 2 UM students that i m a 1st year medical student. both of them were shock
Sheena Hmm...

Note: at this time, I was still trying to figure out where had I heard the word kernicterus before. The word "yellow" wandered through my mind in search of something to connect with. (Read: Douglas Adams' protagonist Arthur Dent & the bulldozer.)

3SANdy the question is if a neonate has kernicterus, which type of cerebral palsy will the expose has?
3SANdy is aethetoic cerebral palsy
3SANdy which the higher function of the brain is still wroking
Sheena OK, OK. Stop.
3SANdy IQ level is still good
Sheena You made your point, you're a genius.
3SANdy nono i din mean that
Sheena Haha, I know you didn't mean that, I'm teasing you.
3SANdy lucky only, cz on tuesday i saw a aethetoic pateint
Sheena What's an aethetoic patient?

Prepare to be educated.

3SANdy is one of the tyoes of cerebral palsy
3SANdy their gait is circumductive gait
3SANdy IQ level normal, but learn slower
3SANdy have to be very patient to teach them
3SANdy will read up about it more, n write on my blog later

Sheena (For the second time) Hmmm...

Note: I had not a clue as to what she was talking about, but I intended to make a valiant attempt to sound like I did.

3SANdy sorry is spelt as athetoid

Nope, I hadn't noticed.

3SANdy they have weakness a/w marked hypotonia, poor head control

At which point, I gave up any pretence at following the conversation.

Sheena Well, I'm blogging about coffee now... sounds so insignificant, haha.

But, San San will not be stopped!

3SANdy repetitive athetiod movements affectingthe bulbar muscles so feeding and speech often badly affected, particular at risk for aspiration pneumonia

Well, if you can't beat her, join her.

Sheena Right now, I'm just trying to remember where the heck are the bulbar muscles...
3SANdy is it one of the muscles of the eye?
Sheena But if it's feeding & speech, should be throat, somewhere there, not meh? Only thing I know is that it's a facial muscle.

Yes, I did pass my finals. Really.

3SANdy i checked the dictionary, it says pertaning to the bulb.
or medulla oblongata
Sheena Bulb where? Even penis has a bulb, haha.

See? At least I remember SOMETHING of my anatomy.

3SANdy but i m sure there is one eye muscle, bulbar conjuctivitis

And for a truly typical San San ending...

3SANdy nvm, i read one on the more detail book 1st

Happy early birthday, San San!
And because I love you, I am putting this up.

Also to show that Xiao isn't the only one who uses Youtube :P


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fun things to do online!

Nah, it's not what you think. I'm just posting what else I did over the weekend aside from what I did over the weekend.

This is sort of a tip to those going overseas, or already is apart from loved ones while studying medicine. I've been in contact with my parents via MSN Messenger and using the video conferencing mode. It's a very much cheaper way to talk 'on the phone' but at the expence of a few milisecond delay in talking. Instead of using tens of dollars to make a call home, I save loads while being able to surf the net! I get to see my parents (though they can't see me) and I get to check on my Gundam Strike Freedom once in a while. I'm hoping to get a video cam later in life when I save enough money, but I don't want them seeing my messy room...

To expand this idea of online calls, I downloaded google talk which uses much less bandwidth (and possibly faster?) usage. Everything else is similar to MSN Messenger though. However, the only person I do talk to there is Raj...

And taking my WoW to the extreme, Raj has set up Ventrilo on his server and now we can talk WHILE playing WoW and just chatting random stuff. It's quite fun really. It's good to hear a friendly voice I haven't heard in a long time, hey...

Anyway, in response to his 'advert' on his msn nick, Go get ventrilo and join in the chat. Won't post details here, but go contact Raj ^_^