M203 Diary

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Privilege, NOT a right.

To post comments on this blog is a privilege, NOT a right. Thus any comments that aim to stir up potentially legal trouble WILL be deleted with no questions asked. Your IP address will be logged, and traced and if necessary handed over to the police IRREGARDLESS of who you are. (Yes it has happened before, and it WILL happen again.)

You can say anything you like, I for one don't care. But the minute it starts to sound stupid and looks like it wants to stir up unrest (with this blog, it has always been racial stuff), I will deal with it anyway I see fit. Especially if it is anonymous.

Don't like it? Sucks to be you. The proper users of this blog adhere to this rule, and if you can't, then go boil your head.

Am I pissed? You betcha.