M203 Diary

Friday, May 27, 2005

From the first batch to have done CSU mock OSCE.

Read up and practice first. We all failed one of the PE stations. I'm talking below 3/10 here.
Revise how to take history again. ObGyn, Endo... Hypo, hyperthyroidism.
READ question properly. You might not need personal details.
Visit MMS to look at pictures of patients with conditions. Self-standing questions are like OSPE.

really... Read up again. Seriously.

but then again, this is just a Mock Exam.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Time Table

The only thing I have to comment about the time table is that we SHOULD have the tests right after we have our last lectures, like the next morning maybe. That way, we will still be able to have our lectures for the next course in the evening. And then, maybe people will go for the Malaysian Studies classes and we wont get into trouble again. And then, we will still be on time for the End of Semester Exam which has already been brought forward.

Yeah, admin's fault was to brought forward the EoS and didn't plan for it when we first got into IMU. Hey, our Respi was already the first sign that we're running out of time and IMU is cramping everything together. But, I do want to get this studying done and over with so that I can get to treating patients (and more lifelong studying...?)