M203 Diary

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


This is what happen,when I got some videos and pictures,a fairly powerful computer and some free time.

The original video exceeds the limit set by youtube.Thus, I must upload it bit by bit.This downsized version is the only one I have in my laptop currently before I leave Malaysia.I am not too sure whether I can cut the video up using my laptop here.It took my PC(2.4 GHz,768 DDR) around 2 hour to render the original video.

Anyway,this is the first instalment of a video I made not too long ago.Will try to upload the rest after my exam.

To view it smoothly,
1.Press play
2.Then press pause so the video will continue loading till the black bar is full
3.Then press play

Comments are welcome.

If anyone had any objections regarding putting up the video on the web,please kindly contact me.M203 Cheerleaders,kindly contact me if you want the video.I don't think I can burn for all of you.Maybe I will send to one of you in Malaysia and we'll see from there.


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

M203, the Weapon

Yup, M203 is not only the name of our batch, it's also the name of a 40mm grenade launcher.
Guess that's why we're so notorious. :P



Everybody is feeling sentimental...

Since everybody is in the mood, and I just happen to come accross this in my collection:

M2/03, batch of the year,
We are the batch that no others were,
We are the superior, the top supreme,
We are so perfect, to the very extreme.

We are the ultimate and the epitome,
The first and the last,
We are the stars of the future,
The present and past,
We dominate and preponderate, lead and precede,
We are the best and best indeed.

Every event, everyday, we create history,
How we do it, hah! That’s a mystery.
Together we climb, together we fall…
That’s our motto: ‘All for one and one for all!’

A batch of outstanding, brilliant students,
We play and study as we see relevant,
By helping one another, we dominate the rest,
Beating the whole school in every test.

So in conclusion we are the best among the very best,
There’s no use denying cause we’ll never let it rest.
Underlying assumption, no, it is not in need,
Cause the truth is we are the best indeed.

In every school’s history, on every crest,
It is written M2/03 is the best,
We were, are and will remain the very best,
Cause M2/03 rocks to da MAX!

by Elena How (I think)


IMUGate Scandal

When no one's looking.............

...except my camera, of course.


Monday, May 29, 2006

Convocation....amazing wasn't it? new hairstyles, quirky photos, big bear hugs, that couple-of-seconds of fame, beaming parents and not to mention, that last 'political-totally-tak-relevant' speech ....

i was just smiling to myself, and thinking outloud, with akmal to my right, listening. i told him, if only patients knew the REAL us....crazy, cramming-at-the-last-minute, caffeine-addict medical students, they'd be mortified...seriously. but looking back, being mad was what made us great medical students, and yep, being mental is exactly the thing that's gonna keep us grounded in the years to come.

i love imu, because i love m203. we were one helluva batch, weren't we? hugs to everyone.


First post

I always had the little label at the bottom right of my blog indicating proudly that I am one of the M203 bloggers, which in actual fact, I have yet to post ANYTHING before this. Since I was INVITED by Rajinder to take part in blogging in our only outpost of communication, guess I ought to start to post stuff more regularly here.

Convocation just ended but it's still so vivid to us and I am finding it so hard to get over. Like durian breath that stays at each burp after whacking 5 D24 durians. Nice. Nevertheless, the brief stint of a reunion and recognition that morning just seemed so quick. We met, said hi, hugged, took photos and next thing I know is that I am back to the bloody IMU lab fretting over spoilt samples. Perhaps they should have had a post convocation gathering or something. I am just whining and crapping now I guess. I miss my friends...

Incidentally, I have heard of much disappointments from many of our friends who didn't win the gold medal and missed getting into the Dean's List. To quote a couple...

1) Sheena: "Darn, if only it wasn't for that Summative 1 in Semester 2 I would be standing here next to you."

2) Elena: "Well initially I aimed for the gold medal. Then I realised I should just aim for Dean's List. But somehow later I found that I should just pass my Sem 5 and get outta here. Who needs a lousy block of wood with a little gold IMU emblem in it anyway?" (referring to Shieh Ning's gold medal)

But personally, as how Chong Han puts it: "People who don't win Dean's List doesn't mean they not as good as those who win. Sometimes just unlucky then miss it but not say you lousy ma."

Precisely what I think. Never mind the fact that a Dean's List student only gets 1 minute of fame standing up after your name is called to the applause of the crowd, and an extra certificate, I know many friends who aced almost ALL their exams but because of unfortunate events that took place before one Repro ICA that caused them to fail, they are struck out. The award doesn't consider all these, but I certainly do. To me, they are no less than a Dean's List or even a Gold Medal winner.

So keep on plodding guys!


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Remember that time ahhh...convocation

Sitting in my room living my boring life as usual...as usual i browse through what kenJ has to say again here...haha...I realized I wanted to do this so many times now but just didn't bring myself around to do it...laziness i guess? I do like reading ppl's blogs "patting" bout what other ppl are doing...bit sad our M203 blog doesn't see much action...so I though i'll add my 2 cents worth into it..."background goes ssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhhh"...here comes d lebeh guy:p

Okaayyy...I might be lebeh...but i'm still part of M203 ableit being the annoying loudest person around..apart from my partner in crime...Yi Wei...of course...can hear her laughter all the way from aberdeen now:p Yeah...thinking of the good ol' days does put a smile on my face once in a while...okay can see where we getting at here...He's gonna get all sentimental and tell us stories from the past...but heck, it says diaries of M203 and well i might as well pen down my memories of it here before it get's lost when my brain cells get's fried by some chemicals i sniff everyday in the lab:p So i'm starting a series called - Remember tat time ahhh... (oh man this sound super lame!!)

How I got to this dumb idea...sick with flu and fever and on the bed, convo rehearsal was next day. I got this bad habit of getting excited over nothing, so my brain cells refuse to shut down..haha...so was lying down thinking of my life in IMU...I have to say, though most of you don't agree but I did have the time of my life, course not the studying part...duhhh...and this is a part recording and part tribute (if u can call dis tat:p) to all those who had an impact on my life during my phase 1 life...so I'll start right a the end...then go to the beginning and work my way from sem 1 to 5....so here goes nothing...

Convocation...well, for most of us receiving our "sijil kepujian tamat fasa satu di IMU" or something like tat, can be summerized in one word - "LEBEH":p We looked like a bunch straight of Harry potter book gone wrong! I actually thought we looked like some lebeh choir members to the MBBS graduates with their topi and shawl whatever that is! Oh well I guess for sucking 120k of our parents money they had to put on a good show...u know like a grand finale after you pay tonnes to try to convince you its worth it. Haha, but for what its worth, I guess we had a good time meeting up since most of us haven't seen each other for like ages!

They had to have a rehersal a day before to have a crash course on how to kowtow and walk to the dude with the most fancy dress up, and bring us all to the hotel at 7 am for yet another session of kowtowing pratice. For the benefit of those who couldn't join us...here's a rough sketch.......

(after struggling for half an hour trying to figure out how to move the picture to where i want but failed, i shall attempt it again after i ask some blogging expert and edit this post:p) Can't they just show us once or twice and be done with? I guess after 2 and the half years here we still can't master the art of walking and shaking hands??!! Anyway the whole ceremony was pretty boring to say the least, us walking up and down to receive empty scrolls, acknowledging the gold medalist, our beloved shien Ning, and the dean's list, unfortunately they didn't acknowledge the bean's list students which I am a part of...haha:p ...guy with most fancy dress gave a speech which must be a mix up with his ceramah in some UMNO kempen, oh ya, some of you may not realize but the dudes playing the traditional malay instruments actually played part of a song of a chinese song "tian mi mi", i heard it and I was like "what the??" Yeah, another thing we have to bring up, they freaking forgot our batch rep PHANG in the convocation book and in the newspaper cutting!! As a friend and former housemate I must stand up for him and bring this up with them blood suckers...maybe the later word oni is sufficient:p

But well I enjoyed the reunion of sorts that we had, cameras clicking away, smiles all around, its like the ball all over again but in choir suits. It's nice being surrounded by familiar faces, being the loud person I am I guess I miss being bisinglah! Everyone looked the same, except of other batch rep sheena who has lost like 50 kgs at least! Haha! It was great seeing all of you guys again..actually...i propose we all should meet up again 10 yrs from now, by tat time all of us will be Dr or Phd holders and all, but I guess we still will be as fun as happening as today, then maybe that time we can discuss bout the hospital small siaw and I plan to build...haha:p

To all those who weren't there with us, TOOOO BADDDD...haha...:p But did miss you guys cause it wasn't a full reunion, especially without Phang who counts for a person and half, he particularly would have love to be there...with all the food served...haha:p I'll leave it to somebody else to scan a pic of our batch in the convo.


Friday, May 26, 2006

1 down, 123909545934 to go..

I'm talking about lecture notes, and 123909545934 is really an arbitrary set of random numbers i made up. If you did a real count, it would probably end up closer to 123989604958.

So i'm in trouble. This isn't the first time, won't be the last as far as I'm concerned. I'm fairly sure it's the looming threat of failure that tempts me to perhaps consider studying as a solution. As yet, my intuition hasn't failed me. Yet.

The problem with my solution is that it really gets to me mentally. It tends to be draining, drab and just plain boring to still have to do all this studying. But it's okay. I always knew they were kidding about the lifelong learning thing, the bastards. Doctors kick back and enjoy the sunshine when they're 40. While that may predispose them to several forms of actinic malignancies, the important thing here is that it ain't no time for learning.

For now, however, I remain mired in the quicksand of medical theory, whilst (almost) everybody else REALLY moves on to their clinical years. I feel oh so deprived.

I've made several attempts to try and cope with adversity resulting from the depressive state linked to repetitively repetitive education. Whilst others might suggest that distracting yourself is better described as a complete waste of time rather than a means to pass your exam, I regard it to be highly therapeutic. Because I just can't plain study for every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year of my life.

Attempt 1: Sleep
I don't know how this works, but it didn't.

Attempt 2: Stay awake
So I figured, if I did the opposite.. *Sigh*.. Next..

Attempt 3: Game away until you feel like studying
Games give you the same kinda stuff you need for studying, like alertness and concentration. The ultimate flaw in this concept is that you might never feel like studying. As a rule, I never do.

Attempt 4: Blog
See, that's why i'm here now. I figure its about getting a graded distraction that can only last for so long.

Incidentally, it was while checking the M203 page before starting this little piece, that I spotted the small doctor jokes square. The little box is a curious entity indeed, spewing out random cute little jokes that would make me laugh. 20 years ago.

Ah, I give it no credit. There are of course absolute gems among all the unintelligible garbage and advertising that somehow gets siphoned through. I'm fairly sure its original stuff too; they could just be the next big thing to write for the big screen. We're talking Emmys here. Have a look at my top three:

3) Brilliant whilst informative.
Doctor Jokes


provided by DoctorJokes.net

2) Haven't stopped laughing at this one yet.

Doctor Jokes

bah bah bah bah sounds like hahaha

provided by DoctorJokes.net

1) "And the winner is.."
Doctor Jokes

your jokes are shit

provided by DoctorJokes.net

Oh boy, that really made my day! I'm gonna go study now!

(Seriously though, what the heck is that thing doing there?)


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Leap of Faith

To this day, I still don't know why.

I remember vividly the haunting echo of the security phone resonating through the hallway, penetrating the room at the end. I was in that room, pillow over my head. I ignored it, half hoping that it was a dream, half hoping that it wasn't a nightmare.
MI-DO ti-DO ti-la DO FA SO

It was maybe a whole half hour before I had decided that I was as awake as I was annoyed. I stared at the hands of my bedroom clock. 3 a.m.

And I had an exam to sit for later in the day. A-Level Biology, Option paper. Just my luck.

I walked out of my room, expecting to foray for the light switch. Yet it wasn't very dark. The hallway was barely lit by the moonlight shining through the window. But there never was a window there before. It was my sister's room, adjacent to mine, and her door was open. She wasn't inside.

The phone was still ringing away. I headed for it, flicking on the lights along the away.

(malay dude speaking malay)
"No, my mom's not here."
(malay dude speaking english)
"Yeah, i'll go check.."

I walked upstairs, whilst thinking of the many ways I could use this as an excuse if (read:when) I failed the damn bio paper. I saw a woman lying on the bed. I sighed. She wasn't supposed to be here today.


She wasn't there. Instead, it was my sister who replied. Surprised, I told her about security calling, and she went down to handle it. I was relieved. It wasn't my problem anymore. Or so I thought.

I was on my way downstairs when my sister told me she had to go out for awhile. She wouldn't tell me where. I saw two men at the gate. Fearing for her safety, I opted to follow her.

In the end, I only went as far as the ground floor, where I was ordered to wait. I was clueless and curious, but more importantly, I was sleepy. I agreed.

Some time had passed before my sister came back to me. She wouldn't talk to me yet, as she ushered me back to our front door. Once inside, she sat me down on the nearest chair. She didn't have to say it; I kinda already knew what had happened.

That fateful morning was the first time in a long while since my sister and I last embraced. She was softly sobbing in my arms. Yet all that was on my mind was a simple question: why?

It turns out it isn't as simple as I thought it was. To this day, I still don't know why.

In loving memory,
Prof. Dr. Tan Poo Chang,
A genius,
Yet so much more,
A true human being,
But most of all,
My Dear Mother,
I miss you.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Short Straw

Being resident m203, uh.. whatever it is that i am, I certainly feel obliged to say something. I haven't, because I thought this was one of those things that would just blow over. Evidently, it has not. In fact, more random people have cropped up, all Fs blazing, and things have started to become personal. Naturally, as resident m203, uh.. u know, it is only my obligation to poke fun at it.

And to avoid being pointed at for lacking camaraderie, I stand on the side of M203. Not that i've had much love for the university that housed our tremendously overflowing batch to begin with. Its just the principle of the thing I guess.

The way I see it, this issue pits two sides against each other. That would be, to put it diplomatically:

1) OUR SIDE! (the grand, great, stupendous, amazing, fantastic, superb etc etc.)


2) their side..

As things stand, one threat has been sent either way. Based solely on estimations of probability, neither will materialize. Faceless intimidation tends not to work for those above the age of 10. And I think if you call the police hotline it redirects you to pizza hut anyway. So in order for OUR SIDE (woohoo!) to win, we need to fortify our threat so that it appears as an imminent action. Our options are to:

a) Show them a pic of Raj, wielding his lightsaber
s) Invite them out for a drink, drug 'em (in close association with Pharmacy), and crucify them at the flagpole area
d) Challenge them to a rematch

I like the last one the best, though it probably wouldn't work out for the forseeable future seeing as how everyone's been, or is going to be, scattered everywhere. Before you think it, I couldn't care less about the next physiology quiz, because if we got the crap beaten out of us then, I'd laugh at our juniors anyway. Raj doesn't have his lightsaber with him, yet. And the last time somebody got crucified, a religion was born. This isn't exactly something we want to encourage.

Having said all that, its not a really nice thing to go around (attempting to) scare people. It's like having a blog that you blog in get trampled over by insensitive strangers, posting crude and distasteful comments in their wake. I mean, its one thing to fling fecal matter, and another to play with grenades. Its on a totally different level. We don't wanna go there. I don't. I'm a pacifist. You know, like a hippie; "make love, not war". If you don't believe me, just ask the local girls.

Maybe if we make like nobody's home, things will get back to its ghost-townish state.


Last Straw

Some of you may have noticed the recent activity on the Tag-board and the comments on the post by YP entitled Better?
and the Nerdville by Sheena.

For those of you who aren't aware of what exactly was posted in the Tag-board, the following is the entire history of the Tag-board from the first post by the Troll till the last post as of 1.40am on May 17, 2006 (UTC +8):

YP: YK, do u wanna be one of the contributors? heehee

UM: Speaking about the 3rd Physio Quiz, it's you guys who are running for your money. You see, we did not pay RM250000++ to get into UM.

UM: We beat you, no offense. Your defeat seems honourable, as there was a MISTAKE in the one of the question we answered correctly (but not awarded the points) So, UM never seemed to lose at all.

UM: You lost the round by the slightest difference in marks (due to our unawarded 3 marks) Moreover, the 3 girls are GOOD! Salutes!

UM: The last sentence in the 3rd paragraph means nothing. We were champs, will beat other Private Us even if met in the 1st

USM: ya...ass fucking IMU... who u think u are... nice 1 from UM

KReatz: makes me wonder though, this is suppsoed to be a healthy competition. and arent we all supposed to be colleuges in arms? sore losers and arrogant winners makes it all worse.

KReatz: we dont pay to get in, FYI... we pay because we got in. just as you do.

YP: I think I'll reply in a blogpost. This is going to be fun. :D

fuck IMU: come onla... u jz have 2 buy a Mercedes Benz any series will do... jz park in front of IMU gate.. then u can walk like an angel into ur dream medical scool

YP: psst.. sorry hor, not any merc lah kawan. Cheapo merc not enough to pay for fees lah. We're more high class than that.

KReatz: nah, i got in using a daihatsu aura...

mich: hahaha such character from a UM student says it all about how they choose their students.

*YP's blogpost came in between here*

Rajinder: A lot of people have read it, and we all wonder if this is the kind of "mature" students that Uni produces. :)

Rajinder: And I got there in a Merc too. Not mine though. :P

Rajinder: You know what, reading the last post of it, it sounds like it is jealous that we're in IMU. lol

YP: Next time pple ask.. I'll say we're all chauffer-driven to school. And the only cars we rich IMU kids will drive are Porsche, Ferrari and the likes.

YP: you know lah... those cheapo things... we're not interested lor. dirty our delicate hands only

YP: er. ya. we DRIVE to uni.. from vista. Please do not expect us to walk across the road. *scorns at the thought*

Rajinder: LoL. Walking's a sin. Especially across the road.

usm to imu: Y DUN WE HV A WAR..?

UM: Yeah we're arrogant champs. better though than arrogant losers who think they own the world with their money

UM: Come to think of it, the only public university which succeeded to the 2nd round was UM, and even that was because it was up against USM in the 1st round.

UM: to be honest (don't mind the other rantings) I'm just out looking for trouble with this sentence. It seems that we will lose if we're up against a private U in the 1st round

UM: Sorry for the arrogant thing 3 chatter's below. I just need to clarify things about the sentence. Maybe I got a little mad from my studies!

EH: I agree, YP. This Mr. Troll are really the same people. And boy, it is sure interesting. I'll not lower myself by even talking to them.

mich: haha, could this person be just someone out to annoy us??haha...so funny

YP: EH, don't u think it's strange how some pple get crazy studying? Us, well, we just pay our way thru' lah. No need to study one.

UM: Not trying to annoy you, asking to clarify.

YP: UM, no need to clarify. Trolls will be trolls.

Xiao_zhai: What did I miss here?

Rajinder: A LOT Xiao, a lot. LOL

KReatz: (echo) LOL LOL LOL LOL

Xiao_zhai: I am curious, care to brief me any1? :P

kenJ: Me too, while you're at it..

ai ling: It's a long story...

acidulous: I guess I really miss out a lot ehh haha...

YP: Heehee... should check here more often mah. See lah, now miss out d.

YP: Haha... I found a comment on the physio quiz post... (go to sept '05 in archives) It's even funnier. :D I think trolls are amusing.

kenJ: Y are ppl alw under the impression tat we pay our way thru? Take me for eg: my dad knows a guy, who knows a guy..

acidulous: well maybe some people are just ignorant gua haha

mich: haha kenjay what were you doin in sydney arh ?! LOL

YP: Ooo... eh, I'm trembling in fear. I got threatened on the old old sept '05 post. *rolls eyes*

Now, the
Nerdville post had the following comments as of 1.51am on May 17 2006 (UTC +8):

wa lau eh....who u tink u r ?

pay a check of RM 300 000 ++ or more to get into IMU
shit.....not like us study like hell in STPM wf our own effort
Ahhh.. if you have to study like hell but still don't do much better.. then it really tells a lot 'bout 1. Your capabilities. 2. Your syllabus.. doesn't it?
i noe u who u r....YP
better watch out - esp ur mouth - if u r so capable
Angel, and I am so scared. *roll eyes*
If you are the one who pops by people's blog to insult others, then I think I have nothing to "watch out" about.
Angel, if you mess with anyone from M203, you mess with ALL of us. Watch your mouth, your IP is logged. You don't want the police to knock on your door.
And I doubt your University would like you to drag their name in the mud like that. Shame on you and the other trolls for dragging your universities name in the mud.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

For Sorbitol

It’s been awhile. A month actually, since Easter began, when I thought I’d take a break. Fully expecting the blog to die like a bug in an autoclave (or collapse like a house o' cards, for those who hate my medical made-up metaphors), quite the opposite seems to have happened. What’s more bizarre is the paradox; that there is an increase in readership when, save the grace of YP who should afford us the one rare post, there really isn’t anything new to read.

Anyways, during my extended leave of absence, I’ve been away down south, twice. It was a refreshing change to finally visit a city that resembled modern civilization. Where there are wild animals inhabiting the foliage lining the dirt paths of Newcastle, there are buildings with people surrounding the more architecturally designed roadways of Sydney. For only the fourth and fifth time in my life, I felt at home.

1st time: At home..
2nd time: Charlestown Square (Newcastle’s 1U)
3rd time: Westfield Kotara (Newcastle’s Megamall)

During the trip, I acquired a variety of items: clothing, stationery, porno mags, and this keychain..

And J means “beat that, loosah!”

The accuracy of the description is just unbelievable.

Having lived in a dream for the past four weeks, it’s like as though I’m back where I started. I’m still coughing. I’m still cold. I’m still left with a lot of ground to cover. But something is different. An indescribable sense of comfort surrounds me. Yet it is the kind of comfort derived from having something worth worrying about. And I hardly worry about anything. So this is new. And it’s real. And it’s good..

Darn. Guess I’m still caught up in the moment. I should be back real soon..


Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Did anyone other than KR and myself notice the troll(s) on the tagboard? Somehow, I think it's all by the same person (nevermind the different universities "they" claim to be from.) simply because there can't be that many immature fools appearing here at the same time, can there?

I don't even know if Mr Troll is from whichever university he claims to be from... but well, it doesn't matter.

Whichever university you may be from, do know this. I won't say we're the better uni, but I do know that we don't go around posting annoying messages on others' blogs... I guess that translates into 2 things.

1. We have better manners. (I heard an individual's character's as important as one's results... and especially so in the case of future doctors. You say?)

2. We don't need to be arrogant in order to boost our own egos... which also means we're confident individuals. (I heard that's important in a doctor too... you say?)

Hence, I have shown you that we are the individuals with better character and more confidence... in comparison to Mr Troll, of course. (I don't have anything against any med schools.)

Of course, I may be wrong. I am the one born with a silver spoon... who apparently paid my way into med school.. what do I know.

Oops, forgot to add this bit earlier on. Ma says must always thank people when they help you.. manners reflect on your character and upbringing, you know.

Dear Mr Troll,

Thank you for making the blog a little more alive. We really appreciate it.