M203 Diary

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Read what Shin Hann had to say about being batch-rep.

Brings back memories of the day I first got elected batch-rep...

SRC: Are there any more nominations for batch rep?

Me: (b****ing to Adrian) I don't know why would anyone want to be batch-rep. You have to run around getting notes, do all the donkey work...

SRC: Sheena. Sheena Toyat. Where is she?

Apparently, Victor had just nominated me.

Me: What the hell?

You know like how in movies and plays, the noise level of the crowd suddenly dies down, and everything you say becomes distinctly audible? Well, it was just like that.

It's interesting to note that despite my blunt remark & my request to not vote for me, I still ended up becoming batch-rep, anyway.

Sigh. The travails of being charismatic & popular.

But I have to admit, this bit about batch-repping ain't too bad.


Monday, May 24, 2004


Disclaimer: There is a danger that one might fall into the trap of blogging about one's life, rather than narrating events in M2/03... So, if any parties are offended, forgive my narcissism.

I'm all for the inclusion of CPR into our syllabus in IMU. After all, it's pretty dumb if doctors can only be able to save lives in the hospital, but not out of it.
However, what I'm NOT for are CPR Examinations just before Summative 2. But that aside, I had my CPR Practical Examination last Saturday. Being blessed with a name that starts with S, I ended up being among the last few to sit for the examination.

I did good at the unconscious man station, and pretty OK at the baby station. Fine, so I banged the "baby's" head against the table when I flipped it over to give the back blows. Excuse me!

But when I reached the unconscious choking man station... I flubbed up the first few steps, and things went steadily downhill from there. To cut a long story short (and to save myself some face), by the time it was the end of the situation, the examiner was stressed, I was stressed, and we both just wanted to go home.

Examiner: (glaring at me) How many times do you repeat the cycle?
(N.B. Cycle = referring to the abdominal thrust, tongue jaw lift, sweep and ventilate cycle)

Me: Err... 20 cycles?

Examiner: Then, after 20 cycles, you pack up and go home, is it? Leave the guy to die, is it?

Me: Err...

Examiner: That's why you shouldn't limit yourself to any number! Just keep doing it until help comes! So, how long will you do this?

Me: (Dutifully responded) Until help comes.

Examiner: And what if help doesn't come?

By this time, I figured I was really screwed, but I didn't care. I was tired, miserable, and just wanted to get the dumb obstruction out of the choking guy's mouth. Fail, faillah.

Me: Then I'll do it 'til the cows come home.

He glared at me, then strangely, the examiner started laughing and laughing. He laughed so hard his pen rolled to the floor! He looked at the other examiner, then looked at me with my muka fras (frustrated face) and still laughing, replied, "Then when the cows come home, what're you going to do with them. Party with the cows, is it?"

Finally he stopped laughing and said, "OKlah, OKlah. You can go homelah."

So, technically, I may have passed a CPR examination, but I'm not quite sure how things'd work out should I encounter a real-life situation... God have mercy on me and the guy!

I'll end today's post with a joke I heard yonks back:

Elderly man faints in the middle of a crowded street. As is usual Malaysian style, a crowd gathers round. A man pushes his way through the crowd, yelling, "Stand back, stand back, I'm a trained first-aider!" He reaches the old man, and sees a lady standing over the man.
"Lady, move aside. I'm a trained first-aider." He pushes her away, and proceeds to do the look-listen-feel, head-tilt, chin-lift, and all the other rubbish we learned.
The lady obediently stood back, and quietly observed the man. After a while, she tapped the man on the shoulder and said,
"When you get to the part about calling a doctor, I'm standing behind you."


Thursday, May 20, 2004

SRC Elections II
(A heading I lifted from someone else's blog) :)

Let me put it this way: Being the only Semester 2 student in the vote-counting committee yesterday sucked . It was bad enough that we lost 7 out of 10 seats. To add salt to injury, some of the other people who were counting alongside me yesterday didn't bother to hide the fact that they were glad that the hopes of some of our candidates were frustrated.
(N.B. For the record, the procedure was done fairly, and all the parties involved were the paragons of honesty, sincerity & integrity. For something so long & so tedious, it'd better be fair! I'm not doing anymore re-counting!)

While we were counting, Chik Ian took the liberty of showing me an sms he received from one of the candidates from our batch, saying that he wanted to pull out. He hoped Ian would honour his request not to count the votes and consider the post uncontested. Whereupon I asked Ian to lend me his phone so I could screw the person... unfortunately he didn't pick up.
Why am I pissed with this person?
First of all, after all the back-stabbing & bad-mouthing this person's done, the least he could do was make it worth my time & his by going through with the whole campaign AND voting process.
Secondly, I believe in berani buat, berani tanggung. You ran. Have the guts to stick it through.

So, I'll end this final post on SRC elections with a quote from the Chinese girl in the last episode of Survivor All-Stars, "If you don't want your house to be eroded by waves, don't build it by the sea."


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I thought long and hard (until 2:15am last night!) about what I should I write in my first-ever posting in this blog. (Considering I'm da batchrep, I seem to be a little behind with the times.) Anyway, better late than never, so here goes:

SRC Elections

It's no secret how "batch-spirited" I am, so it stands to reason that with the elections evolving into a stand-off between 2 semesters, I'd vote for the M2/03 candidate.
Well, at least that was what I thought... at first.

But, in light of everything that has transpired since Chik Ian first opened nominations on the 28th of April, the initial no-brainer decision has since become, well, a brainer decision. In the end, I voted based on 2 reasonings:

1) I love the idea of honesty, sincerity & integrity. Which is why I was delighted with the campaign premise laid out by Genesis, our batch's coalition. However, I've had the misfortune to discover that actions speak louder than words. And so, as much as I value ideas, concepts & high falutin' speeches (I do, I really do! Hell, I make high falutin' speeches all the time!), I ended up voting for the candidates who truly walked the talk.

2) To quote Martin Luther King, "I have a dream..." Well, Chik Ian too, had a dream. His dream was to unite all the batches in IMU, so that there would no longer be a barrier between Semester 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 students, or Pharmacy students, but that EVERYONE could interact together as IMU students.
Everyone has their own opinion as to how fruitful have efforts been towards making this dream a reality, but the point is this:
At the end of the day, as much as I love my batchmates, I have to realise that I can't vote just for the sake of having M2 representation. It's about voting in council members who are capable & have the interests of ALL IMU students at heart.
Because that's what these elections are really all about:

In conclusion, I voted with my heart, but also with my head. And tonight, I'll be helping to count the votes. To those who make it in, congrats, but this is just the beginning. The tough bit has yet to come. To those who didn't, well, IMU has spoken.
And for now, Sheena has spoken.


Sunday, May 09, 2004

IVF & other updates

IVF ended yesterday with Sem 2A emerging CHAMPIONS! :) Congratulations to Elena, Grace and Vasan and everyone else. IMHO, we did a good job. There is still much room for improvement for the M203 debaters but we have come a long way since day 1, don't you think? A big thank you to Sheena, of course. Both for teaching us so much and for the treat (well, more so for the treat lah).

On other updates,
1. We have been blogrolled by the MMR.
2. The commenting system is up, at last. (Ken Rhee, see? I did my work. heehee)


Friday, May 07, 2004


Now that IVF is in full swing, I guess it's an appropriate time to blog about it in the batch blog. :)

IVF started yesterday when motions were released at 6.30pm. All of us were a little nervous, I guess. It is, after all, the first time for many of us. First round's motion was "This house believes that death is sweet release" Both our teams met the sem 1s and we won. Sem 2A was govt while Sem 2B was opp (not against each other though). It was kind of unfortunate since during our training session when we did Euthanasia, it was the other way around. But well... we don't have a choice so we just got on with it.

Sem 2B expected a debate on Euthanasia and was horridly shocked when our dear Sem 1s decided to debate on death, as a whole, being sweet release. *whacks the Sem 1s* but well.. we got through with it. Poor Ru Wei (from M102) though.. he was the adjudicator and I'm sure he wanted to whack all the debaters then.. heehee. Oo.. yeah, Rahman was best speaker.

The second round had both Sem 2 teams meeting each other, so it's just like a training session. All that came to my mind was "OH NO!!! It's gonna be violent, like all our training sessions" The motion was "This house would support cloning." My team, Sem 2B was the govt and boy oh boy... you guys should have seen what we did to the motion. Mechanism was that we'll support cloning of cows resistant to BSE (madcow disease) in England. ROTFLOL. Well, luckily, it's one of the RARE RARE RARE occasions when both sides ACTUALLY CROSSED!!! (ok, unless you've been for our training sessions, you won't understand) Hahahaha. It was fun. Grace had a piece of paper with "Calm Down" and a smiley face and was showing it to every speaker. Heehee. Otherwise, it'll be another screaming session. *grinz* What did the adjudicator have to say??? Heehee... a lot. But what I remembered most clearly was "I thought this was a humour round" :P Oh yeah, the results... Sem 2B won. Neither side was praised.. so it was a case of who was not as bad won lor. So paiseh. But nvm, it was fun.

Yupz, that's all for now. I'll update again after tonight's sessions.