M203 Diary

Thursday, September 28, 2006

M203 Foxxes Rox!!!

Now having tinnitus from cheerleading. I mean watching cheerleading.

*looks around and sees gasps of recollection from M203-ians and here them whispering "You mean IMU Cup is over already???!"*

Yes, for those no longer in IMU Bukit Jalil, it is the time of the year when the IMU Cup is on. And for those who no longer remember IMU Bukit Jalil, please post a comment on this post so we can 're-orientate' you guys about it.

Yes, IMU Cup leaves us bitter sweet memories; triumphant cheers mixed with anguished tears, close friendship forged through the fire of hell and lies that could tear the batch apart, fun and laughter under the sun and pain and suffering in each other's arms. IMU Cup was a battlefield we stood together hand in hand and we stood proud. And it all boils down to that one single night of the Closing Ceremony: the Cheerleading competition.

Before we go to the final event, the 'banquet' as the movie goes, I just want to put up a few trivia about this year's IMU Cup. I know this is your past, you want to wash your hands over it, but I think that as super seniors and past committee of the IMU Cup, why not...
#1: DoTA is a sport in IMU Cup.
#2: Semester 1 and Nursing gabung (join) to form a team.
#3: M203 cheerleading is still the best.

Ok, now on to the main dish, IMU Cup Cheer 2006.
Certain things do not change.
#1: Those !@#$ing penjual ubat are still so fucking noisy and they - to quote Raj "have an inferiority complex". Every single little bittty thing also wan to cheer "Pharma, pharma, pharmacy...." Stupid.
#2: The stupid fly kite cheer of M204 is still being used by them. Move on, guys, old stale news.
#3: M203 cheerleading is still the best.

And we noticed that -
Raj: The standard was so low that they had to resort to copying our moves to make it look good.
Me: And still the standard is low.

Yes, you did not read Raj wrong, our cheerleading moves were so copied by the Sem 4s and 5s that -
Daniel: We should charge royalty!!!

You guys have to see it to believe it. Hell, the BMedSc student (which was of course made up of M203-ians) were leaping and cursing like the kangaroos we are about to see next year. We were like "Fuck, that is our move!" and "That is exactly like what we did, fucking thieves!" and "Oi son-of-a-bitch, that is copyrighted!" Ok, maybe not as exaggerated in front of the judges, but you get my drift.

But three true words: WE WERE PISSED!

There were moves that were modified to look like ours and some from M204 are so shameless that they copy us bulat bulat. If you were Yi Wei, you would have cried. I knew I would. If you were Sheena, you would have leapt into the fray and start shooting. I knew I would. But because I wasn't any of those fine ladies, I resorted to bitching in front of the Sem 5 spectators.

But what could we do? To the juniors, 3 is an unknown number. Even though we were their super seniors, they don't even know 03 existed. Sob sob, such a sad existence, the juniors I mean, for not knowing the best!

If there was an award for best music, M203 still wins hands down. Salute to Hiang Liang. The most used songs this year was London Bridge and Tokyo Drift. 3 teams used the exact songs. Sigh... talk about lack of creativity.

Ok... now waiting for the results...

... still waiting... Oh... the drug-pushers' team is called Pharmaknights
Daniel: At least better than Pharmaniaga.

... still waiting... Sem 3 is dressed in green and everyone mistook them for pharmacy. Guy cheerleaders are wearing Giordano polo-T which is green.

... now giving out athletics medal ... pharmacy win every event and everytime also cheer, super irritating and finally only win 24 points. Sad.

... still waiting... M205 won debate followed by M204. Predicted. I adjudicated wat. Pharm actually sent 3 teams and showed interest of coming for training because on debate high (this info is meant for the debaters). Again, they have not seen the best. Should we allow them to come for training?

... still waiting... I'm bored.

And finally the moment we were all waiting for.
Showmanship: What the fuck is that for? Sem 5 won it, but what the hell?!!! Showmanship is like M203 Foxxes with the bicycles and the sticks and the what-nots. I thought that M205 with their rock show on stage (long story) was cool showmanship, but Sem 5? With COPIED dance moves and just dance and stunts... I don't think so.
2nd Runner up: Sem 2. Which was awesome and excellent. Good for them.
1st Runner up: The pharmacists were cheering for Sem 5. And yes, Sem 5 won 2nd. The drug pushers were already cheering. Hey, what about Sem 3??
And the winner...
Ding (MC): Sem... *silence huh? from the crowd* PHARMACY.
CHAOS ensued.

Me: One word, FINALLY.

Oh yeah... and not forgetting the Elephant Cup which is usually given to Sem 1. It was just a Cup to give the Sem 1s, but with us receiving it last year, its status had changed to what it really signify: supporters and sportsmanship.

And the drug-pushers won it. What?!!!


Monday, September 25, 2006

'Elo from Edinbuuurgh!

Hey there my much missed and loved batch mates!

So here I am, about 3 weeks in Edinburgh, and since I first flew in and got a glimpse of straw bales dotting the Scottish countryside, it has been immensely euphoric.

For one, I absolutely adore the 9 other transfer students from IMU...they're fab! IMU rocks! As for our seniors...love them to bits! A few days after we arrived, they took us on a trip, which was to become our very first intoduction to the postcard-perfect Scottish scenery....a climb up a hill called Arthur's Seat. Mind you, there really is a rock seat waaayy up at the top...

*Poison Ivy, myself, Gold Medalist and Ai Ling...cheerful, chirpy and full of enthusiasm on the way to the top:)

A few episodes of dypnoea and a couple of aching muzzzles later, we finally conquered the summit and it was, in a word, out-of-this-world!

*Our hard-earned moment of achievement: Seniors upper right, juniors far left, and us, right lower quadrant.

One of the highlights of our stay here so far has to be gossipping in bahasa malaysia, amongst those who haven't a clue what language were chattering in....sungguh naughty, menyeronokkan dan....memuaskan!

Oh, and did I mention the shopping?? It's brilliant, but after shopping along Princes Street till my poor metatarsal joints hurt, I can boldly testify that Malaysia, with its mega-mega malls, wins hands down! Erm, and Sheena, I haven't bought a single handbag yet.....pretty amazing will power, eh:)

*Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street. Talk about shopping with a view!

Edinburgh, with its mossy architecture and picturesque surroundings, is the stuff of fairytales.

But despite being immersed in the beauty of this unbelievable city everyday, the experiences I found to be sweetest, most wholesome and most memorable, aren't gawking up various architectural feats, but rather the happy moments I spent with friends, hanging out, drinking and just having a good time.

Reaching the peak of Arthur's Seat, buzzing with an adrenaline rush while scruffling along Princes Street and even the childish hopping atop the cobbled streets of Edinburgh would mean nothing if I didn't get to experience it with these bunch of fun, warm and delightful IMU dudes I call friends:)

Till later, as the Scots say...Cheers!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New chapter & pens. haha.

Well Sheena, £1 for that MANY pens! Hmmmm… sounds suspicious! You know, the ink contained in those pens could be bombing material…dodgy dodgy. Hehe.

So they DO have pen there in the UK. And I wanted to ship papers =p Haha. Don’t laugh.

Looks like everyone has moved on… everyone has opened a new chapter of their lives.

Map-reading skills are being tested, ears are being assaulted by the awful Brit-ish accent, waning medical knowledge being challenged etc. I bet all the rest are also happily settled and having a blasting time…

…. With the kangaroos, the koala.

With the baaaaaa baaaaaaaa black sheep

With…errrr…I don’t know what is Canada famous of.. =p

With Seremban Hospital itself!

Only the Glasgow-ians. We are still stagnant, immobile, at point ZERO. All the 10 systems have been flushed out bit by bit, each time I go to the toilet…

Well, for another 2 days!

9 months of holiday. It makes people a little stupid. It’s funny how none of my “holiday resolutions” came true. I wanted to re-study all the notes that I had left out during EOS, I wanted to devour the entire ECG made easy, and I swore to make my Kumar & Clark not look so new! ….Bullshit -lah.

So yes! 2 days. San San, Adeline and I are off to Glasgow. I have a WeatherPixie nicely fitted at the right-upper corner of my desktop, showing Glasgow’s weather. That’s how prepared I’m.
At least, I’d like to think I’m prepared
- To dampen my fears and worries.

Sometimes I regret, for not forging closer ties with the M2/03 batch mates when I had the chance. I don’t even have enough pictures of all of you.

And now, everyone has moved on.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy birthday, Shi Ching!

- From all the Sotonians, ie. Sheena, YK, Alicia & Chong Han.

And Shi Ching, if you think Zen already has enough pens to kill people - heck, who needs shoe bombs when you have a 100 pens! - imagine how many MORE people she can kill with the EXTRA pens in her EXTRA baggage.

But Zen, if for some inexplicable reason - other than the usual use of huge numbers of pens as weapons of mass destruction - you feel that you STILL don't have enough pens (?!?), we spotted this sign this morning at a carboot sale*:

Pens to your heart's content, all for 1 quid.

*A carboot sale is a sale where people sell things, literally, from their carboots. On sunny days, these can be HUGE affairs, with cars, vans, lorries selling nearly everything from electrical applicances, to black lacy thongs, to SIM cards. Think of it as an English pasar malam. Except that it is during the day.

Yep, these long summer days & gorgeous bright weather have been good for walking, shopping, and of course, fun & games:

<- Walking in the park.

<- YK & Alicia warming up before jogging.

<- Chong Han & Ananth playing football with the other Malaysians.

<- YK playing football with the other (smaller) Malaysians.

Indeed, ladies & gentlemen, this is the fate that has befallen M203's finest: The female futsal team's defender has been reduced to playing with 5-year olds.

Check out the Southampton branch of Barisan Nasional:

<- Ananth, Chong Han & Bey (an engineering student) at the bus-stop.

On a final note, me thinks that this car isn't going to be showing up at a carboot sale anytime soon...



Saturday, September 09, 2006

Greetings from So'ton!

(And it's pronounced So-ten, the same way London is pronounced Lon-den, and not Lon-don, thank you very much.)

We have been here for slightly over a week, spending the 1st week settling in, and the 2nd week touring the hospital and the different campuses as part of our induction week.

Like any typical M'sian, on the day of our arrival, we made a beeline for the local supermarket for FOOD, and considering the amount of times we have been there to replenish our food supplies... If there were Asda Friends (like IKEA friends), we would be it.

Our entah ke-berapa visit. Clearly, Friends of Asda.

For hall residents like ourselves, transport on the Uni-link bus is free, and the bus goes nearly everywhere. At least, nearly every place that is relevant to us as students.

Our bus pass, with the Uni-link bus in the background. It's only a temporary bus pass, which is why it looks SO ciplak.

Chong Han is our GPRS; without him, we would have been lost ten times over IN Southampton General Hospital, let alone Southampton city itself.

At a Uni-link bus-stop outside SGH, having our packed lunch.
(I am S I C K of sandwiches.)

In the summer, when English weather is good, it's very, very good...

In a park near the city centre.

But when it's bad, it's horrid.

Of course, it's summer days yet, and while we gotten plenty of sun, we have yet to see Southampton's beach, even though we spent 1 whole morning looking for it.
Student Advisor: Any questions?

Chong Han: Yes. Where's the beach? (Pause) With sand?

And so, to end this update, pictures of US, posing at Ocean Village, Southampton. (I love having all this space in this blog for MY photos now that KenJ's no longer here... Mwahahaha!)

Chap in black is an M1/04 junior.

We wanted poses more appropriate to UK docks as opposed to the leaping-in-the-air-on-a-beach one, so ta-da...

the Giordano models

P/S - Meeting IMU 5th-year seniors tomorrow. They're cooking brunch for us... WOOHOO!