M203 Diary

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cheap thrill is still thrill, OK?

Medical student's biggest high:

According to Paul Jambu, before we kuchi-rat semester 1 students left for our first visit to Seremban hospital to speak to patients for the first time:
"When people look at you in your white lab-coats, and call you 'Doctor' (accompanied by sarcastic head-waggle)."

Biggest high of today:

Ward clerk introducing me to another ward clerk:
"This registrar..."

Took me a few seconds before I reluctantly corrected her, "Medical student, actually."

Biggest high of last year's elective in Malaysia:

Palliative care centre manager asked a couple of fellow elective students standing beside me, "So, which year are you in?" Then, turns to me and asks, "So, when did you start working here [in Miri General Hospital]?"

Fu-yoh, die ingat aku MO! There IS something to be said for IMU's dress-code.


I don't know if I will ever get this high again at people calling me a doctor once I actually AM a doctor. Maybe when I first graduate, and the novelty hasn't worn off yet. And before I start the 36-hour shifts that will eventually make me want to dive in the nearest closet when I hear the words, "Doktor, boleh tolong..."

And I don't think I'll have the pleasure of similar mistakes next year, when it will be compulsory for me to wear the blue final-year badge when I'm in the hospital.

For now, being mistaken for a doctor beats wearing the white medical-student badge of shame.

And DEFINITELY beats being told straight to your face, "I'm sorry, students aren't allowed in here," while a friend in the same year breezes past just because he looks more like a house-officer than you do.