M203 Diary

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hikayat Laksamana Chin dan Puteri.........

Wahai rakan-rakanku yang terserempak dengan ku sini,
Biarkan ku ceritakanmu Hikayat Laksmana Chin dan Puteri.

Laksamana Chin yang asalnya Seremban,
Tertemu Puteri suatu hari di jamuan.

Bukan hari-hari Laksamana ternampak gadis jelita,
Apatah Puteri yang menyerlah bagaikan pelita.

Cepat-cepat Laksamana menghampiri Puteri,
Sebelum Puteri menghilang diri.

Belum kering berkapal dari bawah bayu,
Sudah terpikat Laksamana Puteri yang ayu.

Tuala sehelai, Puteri dibimbing,
Itulah Hikayat yang tinggal gambar sekeping.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm Bored..

I can't remember the last time I put down anything here on M203 Diary. I may have a new home now, but I kinda miss this place. It must be the template; dull grey and unimaginative white, with a picture of many, many heads up top. Dazzling.

Or maybe its not the template, and I'm just a sentimental dude. Yes yes.

Anyways, it's the 8th week of reproduction in Newcastle. Just 2 full case write-ups, a log book of my professional exploits, and a 2000-word reflection essay intricately describing how turned on I was to observe a baby being born, to go.

Steroids for the cases, bed rest for the log book, and plasma expanders for the report. Then I'm all set to enjoy Easter, due in at the beginning of April.

In the mean time, I wonder what I'll do. I mean, if today (or yesterday I suppose, seeing as its past midnite now) is anything to go by, I'm already on holiday till the next rotation begins. And that's AFTER Easter. La lala lala..

Jadual Waktu Hari Selasa

1301: Bangun pagi
1305: Gosok gigi
1307: Cuci muka
1310: Pakai baju
1320: Makan roti
1321: Minum susu (shaken, not stirred)
1325: Pergi sekolah?
1330: Hmm..
1350: I wonder..
1402: Haiyo..
1404: Lazy lar..
1410: Ooh, dota 6.42 got new hero..
1601: Game, game, game..
1843: Makan roti for dinner, watch dvd
2200: Uh-oh, tmw PBL. Better read up while gaming..
2359: Hmm.. Bored.. Go online..
0100: What the, I can still blog here? Cool..

I'm a little worried that my schedule may have a touch too many entertainment components. I'd do something about it, only I don't really have anything to replace them with. You know, I could do some work but.. but..

Yeah. I could do work.

Is anyone else in 4th doing any work?


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Blogroll Update

In case some of you guys didn't realise it, the blogroll has now been equipped with the updated date feature. Just mouse over the link and you will see the date.

Arigato kozaiyimas.