M203 Diary

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Developmental milestones

Just a reminder to everyone who didn't know: I've just reached my 22-year milestone!

Now, that I've gotten that bit of publicity-seeking out of the way, onto the real subject of this post:
The videos shown yesterday (Monday).

To refresh your memories, the videos were that of a doctor assessing a newborn, and the other of a doctor assessing a girl named Anna every 3 months. I've not much to say about the 1st video, except that his demonstration of the grasp reflex boarded on terrifying. Who wasn't unnerved by the sight of the baby suspended in midair, his head lolling back, with naught for support except his own tiny little fingers hanging on for dear life - literally, for dear life - to the doctor's index fingers? And was the baby hovering over a table or a cushioned surface? And where were his parents. Whatever it is - to quote an oft-used phrase by Prof. Paul Chen - the whole demonstration did not inspire ease.

The 2nd video was... for the lack of a better word, cute. Having seen Anna grow up before our very eyes from 0 months to 18 months - in the space of 15 minutes, you kinda start rooting for her. I mean, that kid can build a brick tower!

Doctor: To demonstrate fine motor skills, I will normally ask children to use build a tower using bricks. Anna, can you build...

Anna proceeds to stack all the 3 scattered bricks on the table into a tower, without tipping them over.

Doctor: (in genuine surprise) Oh, I never expected you to be able to use all of them. Here we go, some more bricks for you.

Anna stacks 3 more bricks on top of the brick tower, and stands back to survey her work.

She's a budding Uno Stacko champ, she is.

I found it just as interesting to observe my batchmates. Who woulda figured, that HC & company would actually clap when Anna manage to move down the table to get a toy? I heard audible "Awws..." and laughs when Anna turned to look at the doctor, or crawled under the table to reach for her rattle...

Could the guys - and girls - in Semester 4 actually have a heart for children?

This post is dedicated to Raj, who achieved a milestone yesterday night: He ate his first-ever dim sum! You know how doctors say when infants don't achieve certain milestones, they suspect brain damage? Well, for Raj to have gone 21 years without eating dim sum... Food for thought.