M203 Diary

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Malaysia truly Asia

Was browsing through Eugenia's blog and came across the adverts for Visit Malaysia 2007...it makes me miss home a lot. I don't understand how some people can think that being in a foreign country is better than home. what makes us think we will be better off being an immigrant in another country? For a better lifestyle? Better future? Not being a patriot, but I just think that the 22 years I spent in Malaysia has moulded me into who and what I am now, and no matter how well people get paid, how good the education is in a foreign land, it is nothing compared to the lifestyle, the culture, and the people I have grown to love back home. There are somethings money just can't buy, education can't give, the experience of being a Malaysian. Different Holidays and festivities of diverse cultures to embrace, the different sights and scenaries to enjoy, endless supply of good food (Oh yes the good food....i'm being so deprived....) which u can get at anytime of the day, the existance of a healty nightlife of pasar mlm's, mamaks, malls (yes for all you quai lou's reading this blog, what is wrong with you guys, shutting your malls at 5pm??), the list goes on and on. Yeah, earn more money, cars are cheap can buy your dream car in no time, less working hours, BUT.......What is life when you have all the money in the world, all the best of a foreign country, but can't eat a nice plate of nasi lemak from the pakcik outside of IMU at 7 am? Or Char quai teow at glutton corner?Or D24's during durian seasion? (ok I think im typing this while im hungry:p), what is life when you can't sit at a mamak at 3am with ur football kaki screaming at a football match? (im still hungry....), what is life when be it on CNY, or Raya or Deepavali, the days we all look forward to the most in a year, its just like another day in a foreign country?

Call me petty but food is a big part of our culture, damn I miss that part of it. I'd trade a freaking sandwhich for a plate of nasi lemak anyday anytime anywhere. How can ppl eat sandwhich every afternoon????!!!!!!Beats me.... btw, this as i read back, is fast turning into a food-deprevation rant more than anything else, but if you ask me that is a good enough reason..haahaa...

Well call me jiwang or naive, but I feel no matter what, like Datuk Micheal Yeoh says "there's only 1 place I call home...Malaysia". Yeap, even though her nationality is somewhat debatable, she couldn't have put it better. Here's a clip of the promotional video, of our homeland....sorry its in mandrin my non-mandrin speaking friends...


Monday, April 09, 2007

Spring in Halifax

Happy Easter from us at Halifax!
We're into our 3rd week of spring, and outside, the ground is covered in 6 inches of snow. It's crazy, isn't it?! Hohoho. Well, here's hoping the rest of you are getting a better deal out of this spring business. ;)


Happy Easter!

rejoice folks....spring is here!!! finally, no more suffocating THICK, WOOL, FEATHER coats. Happy Easter everyone!


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Average Joe's

As i'm sitting in my room, reading browsing through ppl punya blog (which by the way, the best read of the month goes to KY's blog :p ). i came across S blog, I can actually relate to what she feels, especially the first part of her blog...cause u know what, i feel exactly the same way too! well im talking about being afraid/tired of mediocrasy. You know its tough when you know you ain't that smart after all, coming into med school ppl automatically label u as a smart ass who scores all A's in all exams, and hey, i would like to think that about myself as well. But then school starts and you start to realize..."damn its tough, but hey, im smart i should be able to do this..." and somehow along the line, you realize you are always being disappointed by yourself.I feel i have been living in denial of sorts all my life as well. I share your sentiments S, when we think that, or like to think that, our failures are cause we are lazy, but actually we are smart. I guess its a pathological defense mechanism which I have been putting up all my life, to indirectly blame laziness for my mediocre results, and say "hey if i had put in effort i sure can get A no problem wan".

My dad always told me "you are only an average student, you have to work hard to be able do well". And I never really belived what he said, cause well, I did pretty well in the mickey mouse exams masquerading as UPSR, PMR and SPM...without studying much...but 3 years into medicine and so many disappointments after, I have to accept the fact that he is right, no matter how much it pains me to do so....

Maybe there should be a average joes anonymous, to help those ppl to accept their mediocre brains and median levels of IQ. so that they can finally accept the fact that in order to succeed, they have to work their a$$ off. But im fortunate enough to still be in med school and im thankful for the opportunities I have to make up for loss time. As they say its never too late to start, and i guess here and now is the best time to begin. I No Smart--- deal with it....S-T-U-D-Y-!!!!