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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Goodday from Brisbane

Well hello my fellow IMU'ians...haha...as you know the bunch of us has landed in the most happening place of all PMS locations...Brisbane! Haha...I know most of you would beg to differ...let me summarize why i say that is in three words.....



Babes.....oppss....no no....Surf

Haha...to my friends in the northern hemisphere freezing their butts off........too bad =p don't despair your summer is coming soon. Anyways, coming here has been a cultural shock in more ways then one...first in how freaking early the shops closes...5.30 pm!! YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! The city is like a dead town at 6pm...gilarness...what do people do after that? Hmm...maybe i don't wanna know =p Also, when u say u watch football...and follow-up by a statement about a round ball..you'll probably get some weird stares from locals thinking u are nuts...yeap...its called soccer here...but until today i still scratch my head over the different meaning of the word in different continents...its so clear to me, 99% of the time when they play "football" in australia, they are in fact, using their hands, so why in the world they called it football?beats me....haha

Well after all the hustle and bustle of finding a place to stay, moving in, setting up the furniture, going to the psychiatric ward and feeling at home...haha...I didn't realize i've spent a month away from the place i call home...(no not the psychiatric ward). Well much more significantly so is because its the first Chinese New Year I'm spending away from home. It's kinda sad when reunion dinner is spent cooking spaghetti instead of the fun and joy of helping out in preparing massive 8 course dinner for the whole clan to eat. It's kinda sad when the new years even night u are studying instead of joining your young cousins attempting to burn the whole kampung down by playing with illegal firecrackers, and creating a ruckus till 2 am in the morning. Its kinda sad when u are waking up on new years day with nothing to do instead of putting on ur spanking new red shirt, pants and red underwear to go visiting some uncle and aunties whom u see once in a year just to collect ang pow. It's kinda sad when come the night, i'm back with the books instead of gambling my ang pow money away with my cousins. Yeap, as much "fun" we have with our friends during CNY, all of us will probably feel more sad during CNY period, cause after all being said and done, CNY is a time of celebration, where for once we won't mind massive traffic jams jst to reach our kampung, for once KL is as dead as Bidor, and where most importantly, its a time of reunion of a family....from ur grandfather to his brothers wife's cousin, it doesn't really matter, we all get together under a roof to celebrate.................

emm....well honestly i don't really know what in the world are we celebrating...(opps, potong steam)...well the new year obviously but CNY doesn't really give a new year feel, cause well, we already celebrated that like 2 months ago. So for me, what we celebrate during CNY is, the family structure.In today's culture and society, families are drifting both geographically and emotionally apart, take me for example, my immedieate family, none of us are in the same place. I'm in aussie, dad's in indon, mum's back in Bidor and bro's in KL. So chinese new year is a time when families come back together and catch up, and to identify themselves with a family structure where they belong in. So be it Lee's or Ling's, Ding's or Dong's, we all gather under one roof to enjoy the warmth of a family...even though its only a few days...but unfortunately due to the price of airplane tickets, and the fact that its imposibble for a ship to sail above 200km/h, I'm stuck here in brisbane, away from home....haih....

Okla folks, this is yet another occasional blog of mixed topics from me. Hopefully I will have more irrelevant stuff to blog about...haha =p till then, Goodday y'all!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ang Pow Kasi Mari

Happy Chinese New Year.
Gung Hei Fatt Choy.

Some of you who have been so deprived of lazing productively in front of the screen and internet, fear not, the answer is here.

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Ipoh Mali

Walking along the hallway down below, I hear the familiar, nostalgic melody of Chinese songs blasting from a stereo. It's sooo ipoh and yes, it's Chinese New Year!!! Our celebratory dinner reminded me of home (i'm ipoh mali) and I allowed myself, if just for a moment, reveries of my hometown with its roads framed by hanging lights and Chinese crackers, Jaya Jusco selling their Arcadia version of cheongsam, and those adorable, innocent girls singing Chinese tunes on tv1. To everyone out there, no matter which splotch on the globe - Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

By the way, where's my ang pow?


Thursday, February 08, 2007


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To all aunties girls out there, Happy Valentine's Day.

To all guys, don't eat too much instant noodles in the coming months;)