M203 Diary

Monday, August 30, 2004

In the spirit of Merdeka... NOT!

"Let's get this straight, Shi Ching. Since the start of this semester, you have been spending more time than me in the library. I have been studying at home.
You see, I am a permanent resident of the library. You are a citizen. And SM... She is a patriot."

- Richard.

Keranamu, Perpustakaan.

Like KenJ, I think I should quit blogging and go back to studying.


"Is there anyone out there, 'cos it's getting harder and harder to breathe."

- Harder to Breathe, Maroon 5.

OK, folks. Revision time!
R - Rifampicin
E - Ethambutol
S - Streptomycin
P - Pyrazinamide
I - Isoniazid

And some additional information I picked up during PBL:
"Drugs are not the only treatment available for tuberculosis. In cases where tuberculosis does not respond to drugs, the lung can be surgically removed."

At which point Dr. Thani quickly interjected, "Not the whole lung, surely?"
"No, not the whole lung. Just a section."
"Good, good. Because I was worried you were talking about the whole lung."

I knew I could count on good 'ol Ernie "Chop-It-Off" Cornelius to bring up his favourite mode of treatment, despite the existent of 1st-line AND 2nd-line drugs to treat TB.

Revision Part II
Type 1 Respiratory Failure

PaO2 is lower than normal. (Normal = 100mmHg)
PaCO2 is normal, or slightly lower than normal.
(Normal = 40mmHg)

Type 2 Respiratory failure

PaO2 is lower than normal.
PaCO2 is higher than normal.

And Type 3 Respiratory failure

Marks are lower than passing mark. (Passing mark = 65%)

"Another day, just believe. Another day, just breathe."
– Breathe, Telepopmusik

Yeah, I believe in miracles!

For more excerpts of respiratory song lyrics, log onto Yean Koon's blog.


Sunday, August 29, 2004

“Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.”

Is it possible to get sick of studying when cramming for an exam, especially when you know for a fact that you’re actively contributing to the failure percentile? Take it from the master; yes. Note that I’m an expert at cramming and NOT at cramming and actually making it most of the time. Yet as browse through my notes, a startling revelation envelops me like an envelope; I pursue excellence whilst trailing whimsical distractions, unwilling to apply constructive effort. I participate in two elements that are not mutually exclusive in an unbalanced fashion. But in the end somehow, I know that I will make it.

Because life is like a show. And I take the lead role. From my perspective (as the hero, no less) if I die, the show ends. In my absence, the world ceases to carry meaning. Without me, life ends. And all of you play a bit part role in my story. From my perspective.

Such is my comprehension of life that I am auto-conferred an aura of invincibility. I feel I can do anything I want, so long as I do not stray from the laws of the Director, the Guy that runs the show. His laws, which is essentially my script, include:

1) Obeying the laws of Physics
2) Fulfilling any and all filial obligations
3) Making a name for myself. A good name, like Tan Sri Tun Dato’ Dr kenJ
4) Doing the above without getting myself killed

Everything seems to be moving along fine at the moment. Nobody can change the script without risking tearing the fabric that holds the… uh… time-space continuum together. Yeah. Right. No, I don’t know what it is either. But if its any news, you should be happy to know that the world isn't coming to an end any time soon, because I actually think I can pass my Respi, meaning I won't be getting myself killed anytime soon. Woo hoo!

Ok… I really should be studying instead of thinking up garbage. And that was a lot of far-fetched bull crap. Yet if you apply it to yourself, it suddenly all fits nicely. You cannot die or fail until you are meant to. But if you do, then you were never the protagonist in the first place. Simple brilliance.

Also I actually succeeded in insulting each and every one of you, and I bet some of you didn’t know it too! Isn’t it easy to manipulate an unexplained phenomenon to your advantage? You can call me deranged (which is what I probably am for blogging nonsense instead of studying) but you otherwise can’t prove me wrong, can you?

Fire was a mystery. That’s why we had mystics and sages. That’s why we had wizards and witches. That’s why we had Kings.

Time is a mystery. That’s why we have fortunetellers. That’s why we have horoscopes. That’s why we have movies like The Time Machine and Terminator.

Our existence is the mystery of mysteries. That’s why we have Naturalistic Evolution. That’s why we have Creationists. That’s why we have… faith.

Your word of the day is: Creed


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The IMU Medical Student Oath

As I enter the medical profession:
I will remember that I am a member of a larger community with responsibilities to the sick and well;
I will respect and be ever grateful to my teachers who have planted the seeds of knowledge which I shall nurture forever;
I will not be ashamed to say "I know not" and to ask for assistance when the skills of another are needed;
My colleagues will be my brothers and sisters, and I will not permit consideration of religion, nationality, race, politics or social standing to intervene in my duty and interaction with patients or colleagues;
I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know;
I will remember that medicine is a multifaceted discipline combining art and science, with the aim of preventing disease when possible, treating whem necessary, and above all, expressing genuine warmth, compassion, empathy and understanding to patients and families;
I will maintain the honour and noble traditions of the medical profession and strive to be a person of goodwill, high moral character and impeccable conduct;
I will remember that in order to preperly care for my patients I must also take care of myself, both body and spirit.
If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live, and remembered with affection hereafter.
I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honour.
Here I am, ready for my vocation, and now I turn unto my calling.

This oath was taken by the M2/04 batch, fully clothed in labcoats, led by none other than Lena Ngu, the president of the SRC. (I don't know whether it's a blessing or not that we didn't take it.) I took it as well, but with the awareness that in reality some of these words will just roll off the daun-daun keladi that are some brains (I think the peribahasa is seperti air dicurah daun keladi). Well, good luck to the M2/04s in following the precepts of this oath! I'll try my best... :>


Monday, August 23, 2004

"You cut it, throw it, then you forget it!"

-Dr. Dhruba Chakraborty

In a disturbing echo of Dr. Dhruba's words that a surgeon is nothing but a glorified tailor, Ernie proclaimed this during PBL:

(Concluding his presentation on tonsillectomy)
"So, if you want to prevent yourself from getting tonsillitis, the easiest way is to just cut your tonsils off."

Lesse, based on that premise:

For girls, if you want to avoid breast cancer, you cut off your breasts. For guys, if you want to avoid balanoposthitis, you do the Bobbitt and spare yourself that infection. (Incidentally, a chap with that problem came to see the GP to whom I was posted. He had balanoposthitis, I mean. Not that he, er, became estranged from his 'little brother'.)

Sure brings a whole new meaning to the word "prophylaxis".


In the Olympic spirit.

First off, an announcement on behalf of the male table tennis players:

"As there is a Ping, there is a Pong. As there are guys representing M2/03, so are girls needed to represent our batch, too. So, all you female table tennis players out there, blow the dust of those bats (Make sure you don't inhale the dust, though. You wouldn't want to end up with asthma, lung carcinoma, etc.) and come train for IMU Cup, Thursdays at Cinta Ria."

Now, onto the real subject of today's post:

For some reason, when I saw this picture, I was curiously reminded of Saw & KenJ. In no possible way do I ever want to see you guys in togas, though...


Saturday, August 21, 2004

“And The Reason Is You…”

Motivation is:
-An internal state or condition that activates behaviour and gives it direction.
-A desire or want that energizes and directs goal-oriented behaviour.
-An influence of needs and desires on the intensity and direction of behaviour.

Yeah, I didn’t get that last one either. But they generally mean the same thing. You’ll probably notice that the statements even shares two common words: behaviour and direction. So, it is a behaviour which gives us direction in life. Nothing we don’t already know perhaps. What you might not have noticed, however, is how selfish we are towards achieving our goals. Truth be told, all of our motivation draws from the fact that we are ultimately reinforcing our ourselves.

STORY TIME! Long ago, somewhere around where Middle Earth was, some idiot dressed himself with metal plates and forged rusting pieces of tarnished iron slivers into a weapon in an attempt to slay a dragon. This sounded all well and good, if only for the fact that dragons, who were thought to be a government conspiracy intent on increasing peasant productivity until 1304, are mythical creatures. That is, they do not exist.

So all the moron had to do was set himself alight (somewhere out of view) and subsequently jump into a pond. The next morning, HE would find himself sitting at an obscenely round table, telling tales of how HE had dragon meat for breakfast, how HE wore the scars of a true champion, and how other witnesses were disintegrated where they stood, simply because they had neglected to wear some form of protection, such as his “Knight’s Armor of Dragon Slaying +2”. For HE slew a dragon, and HE would be a branded a hero for the rest of his life.

But what was his true motivation? Did he flay thin air in false pretense and suffer 3rd degree burns just so he could ease the fears of the people? Yeah, right.

There are at least 3 positive outcomes that could have been a favourable motive.

a) HE gets to make out with a virgin maiden. HE even gets to choose which one. If HE likes long hair however, HE had better be prepared for one heck of a climb.
b) HE gets the medieval equivalent of a blank cheque. The phrase ‘filthy rich’ is redefined.
c) HE gets townwide recognition. This is good for self-esteem, as shown by the equation Self-Esteem=Success/Pretensions. In this case, success just went off the scale. Any pretensions derived from guilt were washed away because he was now famous, and also because his bath water was imported from Heaven.

Now you might think, “Yon virgin maiden need not make out with said knight, yes?” but lets not forget that she also has a viable motive. Just refer to that second possible outcome right there, and you probably know what I mean. I’m sorry if you happen to be female and feel offended, but that’s what womenfolk did back then; look pretty. Come to think of it, not much has changed.

Actually I did have a point. It was that there isn’t much going for noble deeds these days. How often do we actually do something because it’s right, whilst not thinking of the respect we would earn? How many selfless acts do we accomplish for the greater good? While this may be a personal opinion, I would give an approximate estimate of zero. Not because we are evil people, but simply because we were made to be egocentric. Essentially, motivation is our instinct to survive.

And that includes me, too. I may say that I blog here because I like to enlighten other people (heh), but I really do have a hidden agenda. Honest. And no, I’m not gonna tell you. It’s called hidden for a reason.


The word of the day is: Sucks (as in “Behavioral Science…”)


Friday, August 20, 2004

It's Been A Year

It's Been A Year

Today's 20th August 2004. 20th August 2003, M2/03 was born. ie. It was our registration day! Doesn't time past really fast? :)

If you notice a hyper Rahman running around wishing everyone happy anniversary, er... ya, you know the reason ler.


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Sh : [Debate pt II] debate debate we want money debate debate…

Yeah, yeah, kenJ. Mock me about my arguments for money, but this morning's journey to the community clinic vindicates me.

I was due for my clinic visit to Nilai today with Ken Lin, Didi & CK. Asides from the (MAJOR) annoyance of having to wake up at the unearthly hour of 6:30am in order to be ready & waiting in front of IMU at 7:30, the earlier part of the journey passed uneventfully.
(Well, it would have been more eventful had CK really forwarded Evanescence's My Immortal... but as seen from CK's continued presence in IMU, he displayed unusual use of his mental faculties and allowed the song to keep playing. So I spared his life.)

So, there we were, in Ken Lin's huge maroon Ford, trundling behind Azri's little white kancil, when suddenly the car starts wobbling. I thought it was the Bernoulli principle in action from the huge truck beside us that was going at a speed that's distinctly unhealthy for a vehicle that size. But, when Ken Lin pulled over, we found out we had a flat. And it was a pretty nasty one at that. To quote Ken Lin, "I could've killed you guys!"
And that would've been a shame now, wouldn't it?

Ken Lin called her dad & brother to come and rescue us. While they were on the way, we had plenty of interruptions: a PLUS truck came by to station some cones on the road shoulder, a couple of carpenters, who were travelling on a motorbike in the opposite direction, risked life & limb, leapt over the road barrier, to cross the Seremban Highway, to offer help... in exchange for moolah, of course.
What do you think this is? Some moral story?

Anyway, we managed to get the tyre changed, the engine jump-started, (Oh yeah, forgot to mention the engine died, too) and we were soon on our way to Nilai in Ken Lin's brother's Wira.

On the way, Ken Lin said this:

This is why they should give us money. For the RM25 they reimburse us, this trip is now gonna cost me RM400. What if something happened to us, like if we knocked the truck? If we were using the IMU school bus, it would not matter so much because at least we'd be covered by IMU. But this car is private property. How're they going to cover us? IMU just doesn't think of these things...

Hear, hear!

For those of you who're interested, we didn't even bother with this morning's clinic visit. Had breakfast at G.G. Shandy in Nilai, then headed back to IMU BJ. What a wasted morning...


Monday, August 16, 2004

See Ass You

One semester back, I hated CSU sessions. Now, I’m just plain bothered by the fact that, one semester on, I still hate them. Why? Because I’m no good at them. And believe me when I say I’ve tried to change that. In fact, my attempts at change have bordered on absurdity, and you know this point has been achieved when you start talking with your MONITOR about how its appetite has been.

In an attempt to remedy the situation, I agreed to join Yao-Ming and company in their arranged CSU session. It was certainly educational, and future sessions would likely be a necessity. Because I want to pass my OSCE, failing spectacularly which, I could be a VCD distributor, a serial killer or a full-time recluse who writes erotic fantasy. Since none of these really appeal to me at all (except maybe that last one), I can’t afford to trip up. At least, not every step of the way.

Coming back to the question at hand, why do I want to pass my OSCE? Because of the desire to finally become a doctor. And we all know the only reason we chose to become a doctor is so that we can get rich. But only after, prior to which, we break even. If we ever. Then anything beyond that funds a first class ticket to paradise…

Dr. A.Fluent: I just bought myself a golf course made from moon rock!

Dr. Welltee: Oh yeah? I got me a one million nautical mile swimming pool!

Dr. A.Fluent: Holy stool! Where is it?

Dr. Welltee: Off the east coast. But for some reason, everyone’s still calling it the South China Sea.

Having said that, there really are a good many things that money can’t buy; like spiritual fulfillment, happiness, and good clinical skills. It’s down to habit and practice that these kind of things work out. So practice. And study hard.

It’s probably uncommon of me, of all people, to give advice such as this, but mark my words: some day, I’ll own the South China Sea.

(Would you believe it? A short post! I really tried you know…)

Some beautiful music to inspire: Final Fantasy X-2 International Splash Page


Thursday, August 12, 2004


Aiyo… me again… yeah, I know… but today is an exception…

FM Debriefing,
IMU Multi-Purpose Hall 1-3,
Thursday, August 12, 2004

Rhm: mention mention mention… suggest suggest suggest…
Dr. YR: preach preach preach KKS is good for your future preach preach…
Y P: …But [Debating flair] argue argue waste of time argue argue…
Dr. YR: You study for six years just so you can make coffee…
S C: Rm said everything I was gonna say hahahaha…
Sh : [Debate pt II] debate debate we want money debate debate…
Sis T: It’s difficult to satisfy everyone…
Rch: [Debate pt III: The Retort] comment comment to Quote Margaret Thatcher… comment comment.
Dr. YR: You sold your soul to eternal slavery the day you entered IMU. Know this, and be judged! MUAHAHAHA!
Y W: No TV to play PS2, no ironing board, no…
Dr. YR: You should take it as a challenge. Let me tell you about my experience…
Behind Me: Oh, sh*t…

Herb: Yak yak yak I like KKS because… yak yak yak (interestingly, what he liked about the KKS trip had NOTHING TO DO with KKS)…
W T: ahem, ECG showed RVH and Left Atrial Enlargement explain explain…
Lali: I … story story like… story story Vasan… story story…
Dr. YR: I’m proud of you all, though I know not why. As your reward, you get to GO BACK THERE AGAIN despite all the nasty comments you made today, you evil, yet supposedly Hippocratic children, you.
Sis T: Hear, hear.

This is from what I, close-to-comatose at the time, remember from an eventful today. Some creative liberties were taken (by the scruff of the neck, if you will) yet nonetheless the point remains; we all like Dr YR. And I think I speak for everyone when I say we all like Sis T too. Great. Hopefully now we won’t fall any deeper into purgatory.

Word of the Day (and what a day): Repentance [Rhee-“pen-turns]


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Welcome Grace! Happy B’day Chia Liang! Such a happening month leh

It’s that time of the month again. Don’t worry, I promise it won’t be as bloody or painful as the last time. And would you believe the number of people who have birthdays this year? It’s uncanny.

Anyway, during the pathetic weeklong holiday that we all had, I actually took the initiative to attach to SJMC (Subang Jaya Medical Centre). As my visit was largely unofficial, and hence requiring no objectives to be met, I wasn’t tied down to a particular location, leaving me to roam freely around the hospital. So at the end of three days, I had visited Endoscopy (Colonoscopies and Gastroscopies), Imaging Services (MRI, CT, X-Ray etc.) and the Operating Theatre (C. sections, menisectomies, surgical biopsies etc.). Needless to say, I picked up a tremendous amount.

I’ve always thought that such exposure was important, if not necessary, especially considering the amount of hands-on involved in medicine. Reading about something and actually seeing it first hand can have remarkably varying effects on your motivation. Also, after my observation of the doctors at work/play, I can tell that some, if not most, of them really enjoy what they are doing. This really gives me hope for the future.

Incidentally, one of the specialists in MRI posed a question to me. It goes: “Which 3 organs in the female anatomy are bigger compared to the male?” One obvious answer was the breasts, which he noted as so. The second really got me, as it would never have came to me even if I had guessed all 12 minutes that I spoke with him long; the pituitary gland. The third? Let’s just say he confirmed my suspicions that not all medically trained intelligentsia are devoid of humor.

Apart from meeting some exceptional doctors, I got to know a 4th year medical student on summer holiday, back from Cambridge. Conversing with him was enlightening; because it really puts into perspective how much work other med students do compared to those from IMU (I’m referring to people like myself of course). He knows his stuff, and he knows my stuff better than I know it too. In fact, that subsequent night, I actually developed a sudden desire to study (of all things) anatomy! I duly suppressed the urge by turning on my PC, for fear that it would actually manifest into some irreversible malignancy. I mean nobody studies in the holidays, right? Right?

Right… well… Doom3 kicks unworldly posterior, and so I can’t be bothered to think about studying. At least not until sated from senselessly slaying possessed soldiers and demons. Or until exams come knocking on my 2-week away door. I never learn, do I?

Word of the Day: Fabella [Anatomy]
*Music of the Day: The IMU Song

*WARNING: Do not consume foodstuff or liquid products when following this link, or you risk choking yourself to a somewhat premature death.


Monday, August 09, 2004

Grace reporting for duty

Heya, Grace here finally in the M203 blog, after several botched attempts. :P Now typing this from the ultra-new computer lab situated on the 2nd foor, specially for the VMU project students, of which I am one of. One of the upsides of agreeing to this thing, as well as to the journalling, is that I (and 4 others) will be a monetarily a bit richer when all this is done. hee hee It also means one computer with an LCD screen all to myself! But enough on the computers, since many of us has enthused enough on it. Just a note: if you guys see the camera on you wave and say hi for us! And if you miss us so much and really want to see us, come down to the lower level of the library and wave to us. Don't stare, or Sheena will make a face at you.
Well, it's going to be a busy semester for all of us, so study smart and play hard! Now to get back to the i-lectures... *yawn*


Friday, August 06, 2004

Announcement -- Term's Starting Again!!!

I know it's rare to see an announcement up here but here it is nonetheless. I hope everyone has enjoyed the pathetic 1 week break we had, it's not enought, I know, but too bad for all of us.

Guys, if you still don't know whether you have CSU or Clinic Visit or Nothing at 8.30am on 9th August 2004 (ie. first day of Sem 3), please call IMU, ask for Jennifer (ext 2037) to check. Thanks Raj, for letting me know. Otherwise, "Intro To Respi" lecture is at 2.45pm.

VMU people, you should, by now, recieved the email from Dr Ammu. In case you haven't we are all in groups A and B for PBL and CSU and we have CSU at 8.30am on 9th Aug (yeah, horrible eh?) The briefing originally scheduled at 9am has been pushed to 11am. Thank you Rahman, for sms-ing me 'bout it.


Thursday, August 05, 2004


M203 Diary is now listed on Blogshares!
M203 Diary blogshare stats page

Btw, the M203 Diary was actually listed back in April, but no one knew about it till I checked just now.


New Contributor

Everyone, please welcome KenJ to the great M203 blog!!! *applause* Grace still can't get in, but I'm oh-so-very-determined to get her in here. Maybe that'll have to wait until all of us are sitting in the VMU e-lab on Monday?

Any other M203-ians out there who want to join as a contributor to this blog, please let us know. OK?


Download: 97%, Time: 16H 23M, Patience: slipping…

This is what you get when you can’t even wait to shell out RM10 for a pirated version of Doom3.

Anyway, a huge welcome to me. My presence was only possible thanks to YP, who so willingly threw me here without so much as an interview. Part of the job description was that I blog whenever I feel like it. The way I see it, this would be an average of once a month... and I just knew you'd ask why...

There are 366 days this year. That’s a lot of days, even for a year. Anyways, believe it or not almost a year has passed in the lifetime of this blog. This very year, there are a whopping 50 posts! And we have 5 (give or take 2) contributors who actually contribute now. So we have 10 posts per person, spread evenly throughout the year. Make 10 divide by 366... (Where's my calculator...) and you get… 0.027322404371584699453551912568306 a day. Give the number a month, and it grows to about… about... 1! You'll only see my posts 12 times a year! Assuming it has 12 months…

So this would be my post for the month. Maybe. Btw did you know that the only reason we have an incredible 50 posts is because of me? Because I actually bothered to count. So to commemorate this wondrous occasion, Jubli Emas or whatever it’s called, here’s a brief history of the M203 blog (with some creative flair, because I’m not so sure myself what happened…).

- For the 1st week of its life, the M203 blog was Krazy’s blog.
- Then it went into hibernation for the next 6 months.
- Then it woke up.
- Only to fall asleep again.
- Then it awoke a month later and got hooked on amphetamines.
- Much, much later, YP hired Grace (though I think she’s still lost at reception :) and, of more profound importance, ME, in an attempt to make things here less dull. After all, its not like I could do much any harm at this stage...

If, Heck forbid, you don’t know who I am, now’s a good time to find out. Due to the rousing show of support by a massive 2 people, I might be here for quite awhile. So, in closing, here's some advice; DON'T try to download Doom3 (or anything with a file size remotely close to 1.7 GB), because it is a sheer test of endurance. As if there isn't enough stress in this world already...

P.S. In an attempt to make my posts an educational experience, i'll be including crap such as:

The word of the day (and of the year 2004): defenestrate [dee-FEH-nuh-straight)
And where you can find out that it isn't at all related to "fenestrate": www.m-w.com