M203 Diary

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Circus show in Malaysia

Q: What's the difference between a circus and the Permatang Pauh by election?

A: ..............can't think of any....

What? Why you may ask? well look at it objectively. Both of it have a funfare atmosphere, of extreme entertainment value, filled with clowns, monkeys and what nots singing and dancing, fishing for your attention.

Except that sadly, one has a bearing on the future of Msian's that is...

My goodness, can any by-election be any more sensationalized? All the accusations, lawsuits, defamation suits, cucuk buntut suits, crony attacks, wow, even our ACA has turned super efficient, arresting PKR's assembly men for alleged corruption, for contracts not even approved yet! bravo, and they have even come on air to say "the timing has nothing to do with the by-elections"...yeah, if you need to say something out loud, we all know what your motives. it's like politics ala "bold and the beautiful", filled with shit, never-ending shit, on and on and on.....

The best part of this whole tirade was when our national shuttler Lee Chong Wei got caught in the mix. You have to just sit back and enjoy this one. I don't even support PKR on this one unfortunately...Well he is a Penangite to start with, so you can see where is this heading. The story goes both sides planned a big unveiling of him for his silver medal in the Bei Jing olympic games, BN of course wants to present him, at Permatang Pauh, with a big fat check of 300k plus a monthly pension of 3k for life....PKR have something else in mind....DATUKSHIP! So the stage was set, so its a race to see who get's him first...macam Olympics, siapa cepat dia dapat. So the story went Lim guan eng was at the penang airport waiting for their local hero to arrive...mana zai (tau), Najib has other plans, he whisked Choong Wei on get this, a private jet, to a RMAF base and whisk him to Permatang Pauh, running their donkey show while Guan Eng is left high and dry. Of course la now Mr Lim accuses the BN of using Chong Wei, yeah, awarding Datukship is not using him....the reason for shipping Chong wei ala VVIP was this (quote from the star newspaper)

Barisan Nasional candidate Arif Shah Omar Shah denied talk that the coalition was capitalising on Lee’s fame to fish for votes.

“It’s just a coincidence that he came back during the by-election.

“Since he had wanted to meet his family members in Berapit and Ismail Sabri was coming to Penang for functions, we decided to give him a proper escort to his hometown,” he said yesterday.

Arif Shah said Lee was put on a private jet since he had quite a number of people in his entourage and it was difficult for them to book seats on other airlines.

the best part is they actually expect us to buy that!

Poor Chong Wei, he must have been thinking, damn to be a Datuk or get 300k with 3k pencen, well obviously he went for the more practical option, there's a cantonese saying "yau chein zui sat Zhai" loosely translated "got money most practical". Well at least BN already said they will be giving the amount to any of the medal winners, only they didn't say they gonna use him like a clown...but Datukship for a silver medal??!!! I mean come on! Its an acheivement no doubt, but even he won a gold medal, i don't think its worthy of a datukship. And to earn it by people saying u got it because of the by election is just malu-fying. To be honest I was a proud Malaysian when he got into the finals, I had a whole blog article prepared to celebrate his victory or loss, but after watching the match............let's just say......he deserved to silver.....well and throughly unfortunately...

What happened to intelligent debates about social ills, elevating poverty, healing the sick?Why has our political scene deteriorated to name calling's and mud slinging. Do not get me started on the UiTM issue, I actually read on the papers bumiputra's assemblymen shouting at non-bumiputra's, asking him to "pergi ke Singapura", "balik ke China"...ahhh...unity bells ringing...bring on the Merdeka celebrations!